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At this point, you might be thinking of becoming a Feng Shui master. Do you have what it takes? Are you compassionate with the eagerness to learn this ancient Chinese practice? If yes, this is the perfect opportunity to find a Feng Shui course.

Enrolling in a Feng Shui course is a must to be called a master in this field. Although various advice and articles can help you learn on your own, training and studying in a certified institution will give you more integrity. In this modern-day, Feng Shui classes are flexible; start this journey by assessing yourself between learning online or offline. 

Let’s take some examples. If you look into the International Feng Shui Guild website, you will be directed to a search button. Simply entering your location and keywords such as coaching or certification will give you results for the best schools to inquire for. This will make your search easier with just one click. Moreover, on their website, you can watch a free introductory video. They provide a three-level certification program. Certification 1 focuses on the foundation of Feng Shui in terms of architecture and design. Note that acquiring this certificate is a pre-requisite. Certification 2, known as the “Junior Master Program,” will help you through a series of one-on-one mentorship with a Feng Shui expert, Dr. Manini. It will be a great learning opportunity to understand and discuss possible questions or misconceptions. The step is Certification 3 or the Feng Shui Mastery Certificate. It is an advanced learning experience to practically prepare an enrollee. All learnings will be applied here, like on-the-job training to assess your readiness. 

On the Center of Excellence website, you’ll be thrilled to enroll in a certified and accredited Feng Shui course they offer. This contains ten modules starting with the introduction (history, basics, and types) down to Feng Shui in buildings, architecture, graveyards, etc. Similar to the above example, it is also three-level learning. An assessment is required to receive two certificates. Their data stated that over 2,000 people are enrolled in this course, a considerable number indeed for you to think of its credibility.

The International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) has been globally known since 2004. It requires rigorous studying and training with a mentor, and practicing through experience is essential for an enrollee to be accredited by the recognized body of IFSA.

On average, finishing a Feng Shui course takes about one week to six months. But the learning never stops as you practice in the real world. In terms of fees, according to a blog from natural healers, it ranges from $1,500 to $1,800 and $75 to $450 per level. Note that this amount differs depending on the institution and length.

To conclude, look for an authentic Feng Shui course school. This step requires patience and critical thinking since the government approves no Feng Shui school. Search for the testimonies of their past enrollees, ask for their accreditation certificates- conducting an audit before you start.

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