Are you suitable to do business? From at QMDJ Prospective

Are you suitable to do business? From at QMDJ Prospective

Are you suitable to do a business ? A lot of people in the market they are preaching that you can become an entrepreneur, you can become a businessman, you can make a lot of money, but mind you there’s always a certain group of people that are not suitable to do business.

Why is that ? So because in their Bazi chart – we call a Destiny chart is already shown that they are not suitable to do business. And because they are not suitable, they will be very very stressful, they will not be happy and they do not enjoy the process of being a businessman or entrepreneur. So you must understand such kind of things is actually happening to a lot of people and do not be so easily convinced that you might be suitable to do a business.

Because imagine if your chart is saying that you do not have the characteristic, you do not have the attribute, you do not have the energy to do a business at all and you believe what other people are saying and you just join the course and eventually will try to learn as much possible as business.

And what happened is that after a while you felt that you’re under a lot of pressure, you’re under a lot of unhappiness, and because of that depression comes in a lot of funny things that comes in and this is not going to be very enjoyable. One thing is everybody have their own road to go to the road itself is going to tell you what are the best potential.

Sometimes people are very good it’s about things like career, working for people in a business in even like stock market or doing investment, different people will have different kind of area of specialty. Specialty not in terms of the ability but in terms of energy as you see end of the day is we have to see what is an individual specialty and expertise.

So that the energy is focused on the right channel, once you get the right channel, you’re going to yield much much more in terms of return and you will not be able to be unhappy that means you’ll be very happy in such a way that you enjoy the whole process and automatically all the energy will come to you regardless.

So we must maximize the potential of individual energy of one person that by seeing their chart are they really suitable to do business and from there we if they are suitable to do business then we can encourage them to go into it and they will be able to yield a better return.

But if the person is not suitable to do business, based on character, based on energy, based on element clash then ultimately they will face a lot of challenges and one day one fine day they will definitely say I give up, I do not want to do this business anymore and I want to go back into working life. Of course this kind of thing is some people may disagree with me because they believe that everybody is suitable to do business.

Because they have success before, their success before but mind you every success of one person does not equate to everybody can be successful, it’s not like this everybody are created differently whether is it based on culture, based on education, based on gender or even country itself, it doesn’t really matter but everybody have their own DNA in a way.

So because of this DNA, we are structured differently and because being structured differently, we cannot say that everybody is the same, everybody that made in stock market doesn’t mean that everybody will make a stock market, everybody who will make business a lot of profit does not mean that this every one of them who go into the same business will make profit, no, it doesn’t work that way.

Let’s be practical about it. So let’s be a bit more careful! Next time if you see that there’s any commercial saying that asking you to do business, please check your chart bubbly. Are you suitable to do business if not please don’t go into the business because you’re going to waste your time with money, with energy and everything will be flawed. Mind you this is what I said and I always stand on what I say.

So be careful about it, don’t always go into a business whereby maybe if you are not destined to do business, please do not go into it. Okay, thank you very much for watching this video. My name is Dougles Chan.

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