Branding & Marketing for Feng Shui Master

Many Feng Shui consultants and Feng Shui masters do not know what the power of branding is at all. They do not know why branding is a mass for every Feng Shui consultant and Feng Shui master. 

In your country, how many thousands of Feng Shui masters are there? How many people who just have started, who have 5 – 10 – 15 years of experience? However, the fact is that the brand of your Feng Shui master has not reached out to as many people as you desired. 

How do you do it? 

That is a way that you do not have to go to every year, go to forecasting, go for free talk, go for seminars. From that, your pay is very small and low. And because of that, you waste a lot of time acquiring customers. It takes 3 – 5 – 10 years to actually reach out to other masters that you are one of the best Feng Shui masters.  

Is there any better way?  

Of course, there is. By using Google search engine automation for your website and your personal brand, you can create a lot of presence on the Internet within your country or even outside of it. That is the possibility that it can be done.  

Are you willing to be open to this opportunity? 

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to get your brand seen by more people? Branding is very important because when people go to your website, it is not necessary for them to get your service, learn the Bazi reading, or learn the Feng Shui course with you.  

Why do they have to buy it from you? Why do they need your service?

That is how branding comes in. Branding increases a lot of value, trust, and the identities of people who believe that you are able to do something better compared to the rest of the Feng Shui consultants.  

There is a power to branding. I have helped many people in the branding process, creating a lot of customers for their websites and generating a lot of inquiries and profits for my customers.  

If you are interested in this course, let’s have a coffee or Zoom meeting, and then let’s see how we can help you in your Feng Shui consultancy business.  

Thank you very much. My name is Dougles Chan.

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