Business Partnership – To Break or Not to Break?

3 Years ago, a Clinic doctor approached me and ask me to use Qimen DunJia to help her to see if she should continue the business partnership of the clinic with another partner.

As she is facing problems and challenges with her current partner, she is thinking of closing the partnership and start her own.So I used Qimen Chart and plotted a chart (Qimen Divination) and answered her question.

Based on her question, she asked, should she continue with this business partnership. I answered:

Based on current situation, you will face alot of problems and challenges if you were to continues, and there are many hidden events and activities behind the scene you do not know that are happening and the indicating also mentioned that it is not good to continue the partnership.

Hence I told her to stop the business partnership.

She agrees and dissolved the business with the partner and started her own. Moving forward, now she is one of the leading clinic that provides physiotherapy to patients in Singapore. She made a good choice to break the partnership. Tks to Qi Men Dun Jia.

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