Can buying a lucky charm or even a crystal help you to make you wealthy or make your health better?

  • 2 years ago
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Can buying a lucky charm or even a crytal to help you become more healthy and wealthy? I would dare to say that it’s not going to work. Why is that so? It’s because many times a lot of people think that when I want to get a shortcut I want to buy something. I want to get something that will help me to change my life immediately. This is the most lazy way of doing things.

Some people may not like to hear it but apparently this is how people think and they want to have a faster recovery to make their life become better. Many times because their life is already very bad, their health, wealth and whatsoever and their career also very bad so ultimately they want to have a quick fix. Bare mind that in our life there is something called that “our destiny is in our hand” we can change the thing that is around us. But the thing is we choose to equate something that is not easy to be proven to be effective to help you. But what happens is can you be more active and work harder to change your life? If your wealth is not good can you be more creative?

Can you talk to more with people and sell more with them? You know what I mean. From this perspective of lucky charms I would say that this is not a smart decision to do it. Of course a lot of people when they sell this items to you they will do a lot of promises saying that this going to help you but barely in mind is that you’re not so stupid, you can be a bit smarter and be a bit more hard working be more proactive in doing things to make your day better.

If your health is not so good, you have to exercise more, you need to take initiative to eat better food. Eat lesser fried food, drink less, so ultimately it is still within your control. You just can’t be like buying things and hope your life changes. It’s not working like that. Be smart and from there do something for your life and basing on that you will be able to make your life better. It will take steps to improve a bit and a bit you can not improve just one little thing and hope everything will change. Our body, our system need time to change and adjust, ultimately at the end of the day we have to base our destiny on our ability to change our destiny to become better. I wish you all the best and please never buy those lucky charms, crystals to help you because it will not work.

Video by QMDJ Dougles Chan – Dougles Chan is the International Qimen Teacher, visit his website at

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