Career Prospects Outlook using a Qi Men Dun Jia Chart under Destiny Reading aka as Bazi Reading

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Welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. My name is Dougles Chan. I am a Qimen teacher. Today, I am going to share with you how to see the career prospects of a person using a Qi Men Dun Jia chart  for destiny reading. Destiny reading is actually a very powerful tool in Qimen that allows you to see the potential of the person in a life, whether it is career, business, direct wealth, indirect wealth, relationship, and many other things.

Today, we’re going to cover this particular sub-topic related to the career of a person to see whether it’s in line with this person. We are looking at this chart which is a Qimen chart being plotted for a person who was born on October 2, 1974.

In order to find where this person is in terms of personality, we need to know where this person is located within the nine palaces. So, in order to find the person, we need to actually highlight the Day Stem.

This symbol is called Bing. We need to see where Bing is in the nine palaces. Bing is in box 8 and box 6:

Because this is 2022, based on 1974, this person is somewhere around 47-48 years old depending on whether the birthday is calculated exactly. In this context, we should be looking at box 8.

Box 6 will tell us about the character of this person. We have a Serpent, View, and Doctor. But we are more interested today in understanding the relationship of this person and his career. His career is represented by one symbol which is called the Open Door or in Chinese, we call Kai Men. Kai Men is in box 9.

Box 9 will tell us the overall situation of the career prospects of this person. We have 9Earth, Open, and Impulse. He or she will have a limited opportunity in this career. The industry that he is going into will be actually quite limited. For example, if this person is in education, he will be only focusing on education, nothing else. That is what 9Earth tells us. As a whole, we are looking at what is the entire relationship with this career towards the person. 

We have to find elemental relationships. Box 9 (the career) is Fire. Box 8 (the person) is Earth. In this aspect, Fire produces Earth. Technically speaking, the career is coming and helping this person who is in box 8 as an Earth person. In this context, we are pretty happy to say that he will enjoy the whole process of working for people and, of course, with limited opportunity. That means he will have some, but it doesn’t mean that he will have a lot. He will not also have a great career. That means there is always a limit based on this 9Earth. It’s supposed to tell us that he should not be too rushed in terms of looking at more opportunities. He needs to be more stable and not so rushed in terms of decision-making. Just to get a job.

This example is very interesting. He is actually suitable to work for people. Of course, we must understand that in life, not everybody is suitable to work for other people. Some people are destined to work for themselves. Some people are for both of them. Whether they are working for others or for themselves, it is not the best way for them. So, we have to be able to see the chart to see where the potential of this person is. First of all, in this case, for this person, working for others is actually a better choice. He can still do business, which is in box 7.

It’s not too bad, but that means he has to pursue the business rather than the business with the profit coming to him. It is actually not a very great thing compared to But of course, it also depends on the environment, his desire, and what he really loves to do. From there, we are able to see a big picture of how a person’s career will fare if that person wants to choose a career or work for themselves. Thanks for reading.

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