Effective Business Plan for Feng Shui Consultant

For he who is a Feng Shui Consultant who has ideas to start a Feng Shui business venture. And those who know which products or services should be offered and which marketplace would be ideal for a Feng Shui businessman.

In this case there is only one thing left that one should mull: a useful business plan.  There are some people out there who fear the notion of creating a thorough plan for the business they want to commence.

They basically think about them as needless, complicated documents with only purpose to make the challenge of Feng Shui master even more intricate. In reality, they are absolutely wrong!

If a person has some solid business ideas on Feng Shui  business but he does not put them into right order. Then, chances are he might not be able to get the most out of his ideas. This is where expertly devised plans for business come to rescue. They assist Feng Shui masterin putting all thoughts in a right order.

If one is ready to step in a new Feng Shui business and wants to attract some investors by creating a catchy plan for one’s business, then following sections will be very helpful.

Executive Summary

Although from technical perspective, this particular segment will come first in business plan. But it should be written after the completion of other sections. The reason behind it is quite straightforward. If one takes a look at its name they will recognize that “Executive Summary” sums up all the contents of a plan. Since, they are so many folks who do not even bother to go further than this section. That’s why; it imperative to ensure that this summary is well-written as well as comprehensive.

Overview of the Feng Shui Company

The force of management and entrepreneurship which empowers the business is essentially explicated in this section. It gives one’s readers an opportunity to show actually what one got in their mind. Generally, an overview of the Feng Shui company goes by mentioning objectives, goals and mission statements.

Also, mentioning this is very important at the time when the company is looking to raise funding from an external source. Having said that, when a company tries to sell some shares, having a good description about the Feng Shui company helps a great deal in setting a higher price. A sound business introduction makes sure that people get to know the true worth of it and potential buyers get carried away by the amount of return that the company may have to offer. Not to mention, it tells of the finesse and expertise of the management in making business documents.

Environment of Feng Shui Business

All the crucial information regarding one’s competitors, market and industry are provided in this section. An Feng Shui master probably needs to conduct some extended research as well to make this part truly valuable. The planners of business can do this by honestly figuring out all the trends, structure as well as the potential roadblocks in the way of new business.

Description of the Feng Shui Company

The detailed scrutiny of one’s Feng Shui business is required in order to jot down this part of the plan. It will not sound too good, if a company is defined merely from the sales viewpoint. Other things like one’s chief resources, the quality of employment, one’s targeted customers and other aspects similar to them should also be noted.  Including what services to provide, such as bazi reading , or courses in Qi Men Dun Jia.

Plan of Action

It is apparently the most critical segment of the entire Feng Shui business sketch. It basically outlines all Feng Shui business ideas and steps which will help one in accomplishing all the targets. Thereby, objectives and goals which are presented in the overview section should be reflected here too. Eventually, it will give a whole picture of one’s endeavors to those who might be interested to collaborate.

An article by Dougles Chan – Qi Men Dun Jia Master Shifu

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