Feng Shui in the Bathroom

The Bathroom is an essential part of a home or an office. This is where we do our personal work in private. Even so, the Bathroom is usually taken for granted, or ignored when it comes to Feng Shui. This is because we see the Bathroom as just the place where we take showers, brush our teeth and do other personal care practices. We must remember that we are constantly using it, that is why it is also an important place in creating good Feng Shui as Qi will certainly be present and you will be affected by it.

Just like every other area in the home or office, Qi will certainly flow through it. Let us remember that Qi is everywhere and we ourselves are full of Qi as this helps us get our work done and even heal us. That is why there is still Qi in the bathroom, and we must not neglect it. Sometimes this is even where we get our inspirations! An example would be people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth would be alone with themselves when inside a bathroom and start to think about great ideas because not only is the bathroom a great place to have time to think and acquire privacy, but it can also be a good place where Qi is constantly bringing positive energy. The bathroom is associated with the element of water, which is also closely tied to money and prosperity. Water is the element of constant flow. A faucet brings in water while a drain clears it out. This can be compared to the importance of the Water element in Feng Shui, as Qi will always come and go. But what is important is that you are able to bring in a great amount of positive energy. A great location for the bathroom is in the center of a place, as this can distribute the good flowing Qi. Try to avoid placing it in the far-left corner as this is the Wealth area based on the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Placing the bathroom on the wealth area can mean your wealth going down the drain too! But sometimes the bathroom is already placed as it is. There are still Feng Shui practices that can remedy this such as closing the toilet lid down when not in use should be followed as this can mean Qi will wash away. Also try to incorporate plants within your bathroom because not only are they great decorations and air purifiers, but their beautiful green leaves and sturdy branches symbolize wood and earth, elements that create balance and harmony. Good Feng Shui advice for those with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth is adding a round mirror with a metal frame because it symbolizes strength and stability.

Replenishing ourselves also means rejuvenating Qi, especially for those with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth as they are very focused on money. The Bathroom is surely a place that is suitable for creating good Feng Shui.

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