Feng Shui Meditation on the Five Elements and the Five Colors

The Five Primary Colors, Each Represented by One of the Five Element Feng Shui through meditation, the power of the Five Element Feng Shui and the colors that correspond to them is channeled into the body’s five principal organs. According to the principles of Chinese medicine, these five organs are the ones that play the most significant role in the functioning of the human body. There is a connection between each organ in the body and a particular one of the Five Element Feng Shui energies.

  • The lungs are associated with the element Metal.
  • Water is associated with the kidneys.
  • The liver is related to the element Wood.
  • The connection between the heart and fire.
  • The spleen is related to the element Earth.

Your life will finally reach a state of profound balance and harmony once all Five Element Feng Shui in your body connect with one another and function normally. This harmony brings about significant enhancements and re-energizing effects for your being on multiple levels, including the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. To put it another way, the Five Element Feng Shui, Five Colors Meditation confers significant advantages upon you on every one of your levels of being.

To carry out the meditation on the Five Element Feng Shui and Five Colors, perform the following internal steps in this order:

  1. Place your hands in the Heart-Calming Mudra and recite the Heart-Calming Mantra or another mantra of your choosing nine times while maintaining this position.
  2. Create a mental image in which everything in your immediate environment is enveloped in profound stillness, and you are one with the entirety of nature; imagine that everything has vanished into space.
  3. Imagine that every part of your skeleton, starting from your head and working its way down, is transformed into molten iron.

Heat travels through your body from your head to your jaw, neck, spine, and ribs, then to your pelvis, thighbones, calf bones, arms, fingers, and toes. This process takes place inch by inch. Your entire skeleton is gradually transforming into molten iron, which is fiery, robust, and orange in appearance, just like steel in a smelting furnace. Your structure emits an intense amount of light and heat.

  1. Visualize that, through the molten heat of your skeleton, the following is taking place:
  • All of the unfavorable causes and effects accumulated over your previous life, the life you are living now, and the life after this one are cleansed and purified.
  • Negative energies stored in your body-mind system as a result of inappropriate actions of the body, speech, emotion, and thought are also being removed during this process.
  • All harmful chi, misfortune, and illness in the body are being cleansed away and burned away at this time.
  1. Visualize the soles of your feet as the base of a pink lotus flower with eight petals growing upwards.

The petals of the lotus flower start to wind around your red-hot skeleton from your feet up to your legs, pelvis, chest, back, arms, and so on. This process moves upwards from your feet.

  1. Imagine that all of your vital organs, such as your lungs, heart, stomach, and liver, are transforming into newborn pink lotus flesh and that you are being reborn from this brand-new pink lotus substance.

Your entire body is made up of the pink flesh of lotus flowers, making it fresh and unblemished.

  1. Imagine a more diminutive pink lotus with eight petals opening within your heart.

A miniature Buddha or your religion’s deity appears on the flower. Imagine the image of the deity gradually expanding and filling your body until you and the deity become one. You now have the same appearance, hue, and form as the deity. You are identical to the deity, and the deity is similar to you. Your head possesses the perfect wisdom of the deity, your heart its great compassion, and your body its infinite strength.

  1. Using your lungs as a starting point, visualize the color of each vital organ gradually altering following the Creative Cycle of the Five Element Feng Shui.

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