Four Pillars of Destiny

The importance of the ancient wisdom of the Egyptians, the Pillars of Destiny and Bazi analysis is often discussed. These pillars are four keys to life; abundance, health, prosperity and creativity. The term “Bazi analysis” (also BZIs or Big Brother analysis) pertains to the use of four pillars to forecast events in the Middle East.

Proponents of this method believe that history can be predicted with great accuracy. Proponents of the Bazi analysis believe that all four pillars of the theory can accurately predict the future course of world events and related to direct wealth. However, many of those who were in favor of the Bazi analysis thought that the entire scenario foretold the rise of a new axis of power, one that would encompass all of the former Ottoman nations and Iran.

The Four Pillars of Destiny and Bazi reading are two of the most powerful methods of gaining insight into the past, present and future of any situation. For thousands of years, people from all over the world have used the techniques of these pillars of destiny and Bazi reading to chart their path through life. This is why they are still widely used today. Through the Bazi reading, a person will discover the past mistakes they have made in their lives and learn how to avoid similar situations in the future.  Bazi readings understanding these techniques will enable you to understand your life. This will give you the confidence and courage needed to improve your current life.

It’s easy to become confused by the many definitions for “Feng shui,” “Chinese astrology,” or “Feng shui master.” Your first instincts may be to understand Feng Shui as the art and science of the Chinese zodiac. Whether you’re interested in learning more about Feng Shui, you’re looking for a Feng Shui master, or you want to know how to make your home and business practices more Feng Shui-aligned, learning the basics of Feng Shui is easy.

When faced with a Feng Shui master, these critics will usually back off and leave you to find your guidance. In the end, if you decide to pursue the practice of Feng Shui, you will likely feel that it’s worth learning more about it on your own. If you’re already inclined, it may be time to find yourself a Feng Shui master.

The Four Pillars of Destiny and Bazi Calculate are two key components of Chinese fortune-telling. The term ‘bazi’ comes from the old Chinese phrase, “what is in the name?” This phrase is also related to the first element, wind. His names are Feng Shui and Bazi Calculate. Feng Shui is the traditional method used to predict the future using celestial and natural elements.

The terms of the celestial elements are representative of the major qualities found in the heavens. The names of these elements include the Yang, Yin, Qi and Ma elements. The Bazi Calculate is the modern version of this ancient Chinese technique. The Four Pillars of Destiny and the Bazi Calculate are both important components of astrology. The two are almost the same thing.

How to Calculate Bazi is a concept that originated from Pakistan and is practiced in China. People of different religions commonly use it to relate to the rising and setting of the sun. It was said that Calculate Bazi compiled all the books ever created and compiled them into four volumes called the “Books of Destiny”.

Now, how to calculate Bazi is simple to understand and explain. Four Pillars of Destiny is a set of calculating Bazi made to relate to the rise and setting of the sun. These calculations were used by the ancient Chinese to tell the future. Calculate Bazi is calculated starting from the first day of the New Moon and slowly proceeding up to the full Moon.

A Qi Men Dun Jia article by Dougles Chan


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