Fuyin Bazi chart in Calculating Bazi Reading | Understanding Fu Yin Bazi

In this video I will show how to calculate bazi using 奇门遁甲 Qi Men Dun Jia especially they have a Fuyin Bazi chart in their 8 characters. How to read a person’s character using this chart and if the person is having fuyin in their chart, what will be the characteristic of the person and how are we able to handle them well enough so that they can maximize their potential and see what they are able to do best for their life.

Hello, this is Dougles Chan again and Qi Men Dun Jia.

I will talk about this Bazi character. What happens if you have a Fuyin chart in your Bazi? What is a Fuyin chart?

In Qi Men Dun Jia, a Fuyin chart indicates when two characters are similar. (See an example below).

If you see all the boxes, there are two similar characters in each box. This is what we call the Fuyin chart. So, what will happen if you have a Fuyin chart in your Bazi under Qi Men Dun Jia?

Let me explain. As a whole, when you have a Fuyin chart, which means that this person, generally speaking, is at least three to five times more stubborn than anybody else. If he makes a decision on something, he is unlikely to change his mind, even if you are his spouse, children, father, or mother.He (or she) will not change his (or her) mind regardless of what happens. So, how are we able to change this person?

The answer to this is that they will change themselves. They will change after they meet with all the obstacles, which means that they will have to overcome other obstacles in life and go through so many years of hardship. They will change because they know that they have to change. They only believe in themselves. Do not even attempt to change him in this aspect. Of course, sometimes they will always deny that they are stubborn. And we always use the word that they have their own way of thinking. They have their own set of thoughts. So, not to say that they are stubborn, but, you know, they have their own set of rules for doing things. In order to make them change, you let them change themselves.

That is one thing that is the character of this Fuyin chart. In the event that, let’s say, you, your friends, or your family members have this Fuyin chart and you want them to change certain things, it is going to be extremely difficult. Therefore, in order for them to change, let them go through life and hit the walls. That is how it goes.

You know, you cannot change that person, but one thing that is positive about this particular person is that when you have a Fuyin chart, your life, generally, is pretty good. You will not have much hardship. As a whole, you will be living quite comfortably in terms of monetary, well, not extremely rich.

If you have a Fuyin chart, no worries. Understand that you are stubborn, you have your own way of thinking. Maybe next time, you can be a bit more flexible in terms of weighing other people’s opinions, listen to more people, and not be too harsh on yourself in terms of your decision.

That is where we rely on Qi Men Dun Jia to understand our character and to understand our weaknesses. From there, we will go through life much more easily and we can modify our actions to make things smoother. As a result, your life will be better and you will be happier and more motivated.

This is about the Fuyin chart and the Bazi for Qi Men Dun Jia.

If you want to know how to read qimen chart, do check the link.

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