Have You Encounter Someone Always Change Their Mind?


In Qi Men Dun Jia, the character that always changes the minds belongs to a certain category in Qimen destiny chart, some called it bazi reading or bazi analysis. This symbol is called Destroyer. It means this person will have this particular symbol called destroyer inborn in them and it will always be happening regardless of when they are living, where they are living, etc. They always keep changing. They like to change from one place to another place, change from one job to another job. They switch everything and after 6 months, 1 year, they choose to stop it and move to another thing. In their eyes, they think that whatever they do is correct but other people, they will think that that person is not consistent and it makes them feel any security to the other party.

The question is can this character be able to be stabilised. First, you must understand that we must identify if it is really a destroyed character in their chart. When they realise this is a real problem, I mean aware, before they change projects they must really decide and drag. Do not allow the destroyer character to change you, to control you.

The other way is before you decide on anything, consult somebody first, it can be the person you trust, the person important to you. This person’s ideas, suggestions may help you to align in the correct direction.

My question is do you have the kind of character which is called the destroyer character? If you have, maybe drop me a message or meet up with me, let me highlight the problem in your chart and from there, your life can be better. https://dougleschan.com/

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