How to be Successful Tip #1 | By Dougles Chan – Qimen Teacher

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How to be successful, tip number 1.

Today I’m going to share something very contradicting with you because I would want you to focus on not following those people who are famous. Why I say that because a lot of people who are famous when you admire them what happened is this, when you admire them, you’ll follow what they do, what they say and what they think, nothing wrong and when they are famous, their successful story is going to be certain factors and remember a lot of things that are being successful, a lot of hidden things behind the scenes, you do not know because of that whatever they say you should go for this, you should go for that, it does not apply to you because your situation will be different your country, your gender, your races, your culture, your experience, your academic will be different so and over there is even if you follow 100% of what the other party is doing which is successful and over there is you may not be successful, you have to be adapting. That means you pick some of the good things that you believe are going to work and then you adapt to your own culture and adapt to your country. Whatever things they adapt whereby you’re able to be successful, which means that you don’t follow 100%, when a person is successful, they will have gone through many many rounds of cases where they are not successful and sometimes you may not see what is really happening behind the scenes, even if somebody says go and invest in this crypto currency, go and invest in this bitcoin. The fact is that you do not know what the whole thing is about and anybody that is successful in a particular trade or industry does not mean that if you follow them, you’ll be successful. No, it does not mean that way.

You have to understand that whatever person is successful, there are thousands and thousands of people that are not going to be successful. So at the end of the day, what is going to happen is that you must understand what you are good at doing and focus on what you are good at doing. Your talent, your ability, your culture, your country, the demand and supply of what is happening in your country, whether you want to go locally, internationally, or regionally, there are a lot of things to consider before you even venture into something. All right, so always remember that whatever people have been successful at is not always 100% of what you have to follow. You just pick the best of it and then apply it to what you think is the best within your context. It’s the same for all the videos I’ve shown you. You don’t have to take in everything. Take a certain aspect which you think is appropriate and it’s relevant to your context, and then from there apply to it. You see, whatever I’m going to share with you is 100% going to be applicable to you. So pick the one that is good and that is applicable in your own context. Thanks for reading.

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