How to be Successful Tip #3 | By Dougles Chan – Qimen Teacher

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How to be successful, tip number 3.

Our lives are full of ups and downs. Whether you are successful or not, it doesn’t really matter. There will be cases where you will be successful in a small area or you will not be successful in a certain area. That is fine. This is the process. The question is, are you able to shorten the process of success?

The shortening of the process of success can usually be done by the methods that you use, or there will be somebody that helps you and shows you a certain way to shorten the process. Our lives are limited and granted. So, we have to save our time. We have to make sure that the process that we want to achieve from point A to point B is as short as possible, because at the end of the day, if you take too long to achieve your goals and dreams, you may not have the time to achieve them or even enjoy them.

Let’s face it! Because our time is very limited. So, in order to shorten the process, there are a few ways I can share with you. You can always do multitasking. For example, you can always do two things at once. For example, if you want to exercise, you can also have some music or certain audios to listen to to improve yourself. So, doing two things at one time means you are on the treadmill, you are walking down the street and you just listen to your earpiece with your phone and then with some motivational quotes with some interesting information that you want to learn. It can be done in this way. Multi-tasking is part of one of them.

The second is your delegate. You delegate the process of doing certain things to somebody who is better than you. Because when you delegate to certain people that are experts, they can actually do the thing faster. The last time I had a website was when I wanted to do some programming. I thought that I knew how to do and I spent two hours trying to fix a small little error, but apparently I still cannot fix that. After that, I got my web designer to do it for me, and then from there, it only took five minutes to do. You see, if I wanted to do something and delegate it to this lady who is the web designer, I would have saved myself two hours. This is a very classic illustration.

The third thing is that you can try to get a mentor or a teacher to work with you to shorten the process. Based on what they have learned and what they have experienced before, pay them a fee. You don’t have to pay them much. You can engage them based on, for example, one month, twice a month, or even three months. That means you pick their brains, get their brains, get the best of the best of whatever they have. They will share their knowledge with you in terms of how to do certain things in a very short time. 

These are some of the ways in which you can shorten the process so that you can be much more successful. Thanks for reading.

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