How to Create a Better Marriage & Relationship via Qimen Dunjia

How do we create better marriage for Qimen Dunja. Hello my name is Dougles Chan. I’m the Qimen Dunjia teacher. Today I’m going to share with you some of the things related to Qimen Dunjia that may be able to help you in your marriages or your relationship. So what is Qimen dunjia meant all about so basically there’s a lot of things that we need to understand. Qimen Dunjia is actually a tool that’s able to understand many things related to, for example your chart of your birth chart, what are your characters, what your relationship between marriages relationship and yourself, are you going to favor more in terms of the relationship or maybe do you despise the relationship or maybe you don’t really like girls or maybe you don’t really like boys. So many times when we understand our structure of our composition in terms of ourselves then we are able to see what is the best way for them.

So ultimately is this when we understand ourselves that will be the starting point to make a good difference. Why is that so, imagine if you know that the other party that is in terms of relationship are always quarreling, are always giving you a lot of problem. Is it that intentionally do it or is it that the energy that they have is always of such. But if we know that the energy is of such and it comes at different timing and we know that in we can predict that how and when it’s going to happen. Are we able to avoid such kind of things ? Imagine if this person sometimes he’s very quiet, something is very aggressive, so this is what we call a fanyin chart, a fanyin chart in Qimen Dunjia means the person is always flipping in terms of character, sometimes they can also talk about this character is a emptiness, which means that at some time of months or years they will have a specific character. But after that once the time is over, they will move on and shift to another set of character and vice versa it changed a flip flop all the way.

And if you notice some people is that their character change here and there it’s very inconsistent. This is what we call an fanyin chart person or The Emptiness in their chart itself. So that is going to create a lot of problems for individuals, so imagine this is a form of relationship in a marriage and we realize that this is the kind of situation.

So once we understand the thing why is it like that and how is it like that and when is it going to happen, we are able to strategize and make the relationship better.

You see it’s knowing it sometimes when people do certain things, they may not know why they are doing, it it’s not that they are unconscious, it’s just that the energy of unhappiness, anger, quarreling is always suddenly happens because of the change in energy.

You see so once you understand all this logic, we are able to create a better Harmony in terms of relationship, especially in the marriage itself. So these are some of the tricks I have actually helped a lot of people in their marriages so much so that their marriage supposed to get divorced, but once they understand the whole situation, they actually gets better and become very stable in their marriage itself.

So these are some of the things that I can share with you and hope that if you want to learn Qimen Dunjia next time, you’ll be able to make your marriage much much better. My name is Dougles Chan.

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