How to Make Marketing plan for product launch


Launching a new product in the market requires much of your attention. It’s essential to have a solid marketing plan because it can be the beginning of a wonderful, exciting journey or a total flop. You need to define your goals before creating product launch marketing. Determine how you want success to look like.  Set goals and establish key objectives and metrics for the launching marketing campaign.

Here are techniques many startups use to guarantee quick market penetration regardless of the company size;

Organize a Pre-Launch Giveaway

Pre-launch giveaways and contests are among the effective techniques brands use to help the product go viral. Give products away to the lucky participant in exchange for the word out. There are various options to do this successfully. For instance, you can create an excellent TikTok challenge or an Instagram contest where you will reward the most creative idea or make users share their participation on social media platforms and reward the one who will get the most engagements. If launching a gym wear online boutique, you can offer to gift a person who will get the most engagements after posting their clips doing a certain number of push-ups sets. You can offer to gift the winner with either butt shaper, wireless bras with support high waisted, sports shoes, workout leggings, sports bra, or water bottle. Be creative in how you will announce this so it doesn’t look like a fraud.

Get Help from Influencers

While it’s okay to use your social platforms to market products, it’s highly advisable to get a boost with the help of influencers. They are the queens and kings of social media marketing. They have a royal audience willing and waiting to follow their recommendations. To get them talking about your brand, send them free samples. If you plan to launch gym wear, you can send them a gym package with fitting wireless bras with support, high waisted workout leggings or butt shapers, sports bags, or sports shoes. Keep in mind that they have to be loyal and honest to their audiences. Hence you can’t “buy” their recommendation or opinion as they have to be honest in their opinion. Investigate which one would be interested in your brand and collaborate with you to avoid disasters.

Prepare FAQ before Launching

Before a product or service reaches the market, people usually have a bunch of questions. They want to know what they can do with it and how it works. If it’s more innovative, the more the question which you will have to answer. Prepare ahead of time and have an FAQ section. Make it accessible as possible and always advise clients to visit the page if they have any questions. You can share it on your social media platform as a way of preparing new users ahead of launching. With the example of gym wear, you might need to explain how and why clients need those wears. For instance, you might need to enlighten prospective clients on how and who should use waist trainers, straps, gloves, and high waisted workout leggings. As for wears such as butt shapers, gym shoes, or wireless bras with support, you might only need to indicate the price.

Use email Marketing

This type of marketing never gets out of fashion. To get the best out of email marketing strategy, create a client’s database. The more details you get on each person, the better. Their previous purchases, residence, age, etc. such information will help you craft a personalized messaging strategy. Let them feel that this information was written specifically for them. For instance, for gym wear campaign, ensure the message with wireless bras with support, butt shaper, and high waisted workout leggings go to the ladies’ mails only. If such an email is sent to men’s inbox, it might register as spam.

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