How to position yourself as the best Feng Shui master in your country?

To become the best and most famous Feng Shui master in your country, or even the whole world, you must first position yourself as the best. But how to do that? Let’s read this article together!

Position yourself at a certain price point:

Of course, if you are new, you can give free Feng Shui advice to others. Then you can ask for feedback, compliments, or testimonials to confirm your ability. Then, at a certain point, position yourself at a certain price point. Remember, you should not offer a price that is too low, because when it is too low, people will basically think you are not good. Then you’re rating yourself from average to excellent. You can also make yourself more famous by telling people that you specialize in a particular area, like Feng Shui, or Bazi, or even Qi Men Dun Jia, or any super art, any other Chinese metaphysics.

Your skills must be the best:

Of course, when you position yourself as the best, your skills must also be the best. You have to read a lot of books. You have to get to know a lot of masters in your industry in your home country, abroad, or in China, Taiwan, etc., so that you can learn from them. You will never know what you don’t know. Knowledge of Feng Shui or Bazi is very broad. Even a small thing that you don’t know can change a lot. 

So, stay humble and place yourself at the forefront of pricing, knowledge, and expertise. Specialization means you don’t do everything. A lot of people do everything; they offer courses, training, are consultants, or do Feng Shui, but they don’t specialize in any one aspect. Imagine that you just do Feng Shui and specialize in it-that’s it! From there, people will believe that you are the best at what you do.

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Write and share:

The next thing you need to do is write and share many blog posts or knowledge articles that can help others. When you share all this information with the public, you let them know that you are knowledgeable and that you are not afraid to share it. You are a giver. From there, you can attract relevant types of customers. However, the question of whether the reader will actually act on what you say is another story. 99% of the people who view my posts don’t act on them. This is a rather sad reality, but writing and sharing is actually a good way.

Your website should be easy to read:

The next thing is your website. If you have your own website, make sure it’s easy and simple. You have to know that your customers can be of all ages. They can be teenagers, adults, and old people from all over the world. Your website should be easy to find and easy to read for everyone. Furthermore, you always need to test how fast your website loads—the faster the better. It makes your website easy to rank on the top of search engines.

Search engine automation:

Next is trying to use search engine automation. That’s the best way to get more customers in the long run. People always pay per click on Google ads, but it can be very expensive and competitive. From there, in the long run, it costs a lot.

In the long run, try not to use Google ads but instead opt for search engine automation, which will get you a lot of customers. This is my experience for the past 20 years in search engine automation. Obviously, I can get a lot of new customers.

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The next thing is social networking. Social media is too big, such as Facebook pages, LinkedIn company pages, etc. In terms of Facebook, I don’t really recommend using it too much for the sake of interaction; just to let people know you’re there. You just need to do some activities, put some pictures up, and share some stories. That’s it. You should focus on something else. In terms of LinkedIn, you can attract more professionals to get to know you from this platform.

Your image must be professional:

The next thing we’ll talk about is your professional image. You don’t really have to dress and act like a Feng Shui master, or carry the Bagua with you 24 hours a day. Be yourself! There is a belief by a Feng Shui master that you must dress according to Chinese customs, wear a mustache, and carry a map of the Bagua with you. – Stop it! This is a modern world! It is not!

You must be different:

Positioning yourself as the best Feng Shui master in your country means you are different from the rest. From there, people may recognize you and want to receive services from you. 

Here are some tips on how to become the best Feng Shui master in your country. Hopefully, you can apply them and have more success!

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