Job Interview Divination – Using Qi Men Dun Jia to predict the success rate

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Hello, welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. My name is Dougles Chan. Today, we are going to talk about this job interview divination, and we have to see whether this person is able to get the job.

If you are looking for a job, we can also use Qi Men Dun Jia to see whether the job interview is going to be successful or not. So, eventually, this will be part of the things that we can look at. Of course, we can also look at your Bazi and your destiny reading to see your luck in the particular month or year: whether it is going to be very, very lucky or unlucky. Anyhow, based on divination, I will go through the process with you step-by-step to see what other things you have to look for to see whether you can get a job in this case.

We are looking at the whole thing in terms of the interview process. In Qi Men Dun Jia, we have to see where the asker is. The asker is actually in the Day Stem:

This Day Stem is Ding. So, we look at Ding which is at the top of Box 2:

There is another Ding in the bottom of box 3, but we will choose the one that is always at the very top. So, we always take a look at Box 2. Just be careful about this. Box 2 is actually the one to take reference, which is represented by the asker. So, all the information in box 2 is telling us something about himself. 

At the same time we want to look at the answer (is he able to get the job?). In this case, we look at the Hour Stem which is Bing.

Bing is in Box 7:

If you notice, there is also another Bing in box 4. But as I have mentioned, we will look at the one at the top. So, we only look at Box 7. Do not look at Box 4 because it is not relevant at all. 

Let’s continue and see what is the information provided in Box 7 and Box 2.

All the symbols in Box 7 tell us the answer. We have a Partner, View, and Advisor. They are telling us something related to the answer of the interview. We have a Partner which is represented by Wood. View is the neutral symbol. And we have an Advisor which is also quite a good start to be with.

At the same time, if you look at the asker, who is himself, we have Darkness, Obstruct, and Impulse. They are telling us about the situation of this person. This person is probably someone who is very lonely. That means he is not a very sociable person. He prefers not to socialize and wants to stay at home when possible. So, he is a very introverted person. He can be quite impulsive. Darkness is explained in such a way that sometimes when he does things, he doesn’t want to be too exaggerated. He would like to keep it low profile and secretive. This is the character of this person, who is in Box 2 and has gone for the interview.

Generally, we are looking at Box 2 which is the person. Let’s look at the element in terms of the relationship:

Box 2 is represented by Earth. How do we know that? Kun is brown, which is represented by Earth. Box 7 is Metal (gray is represented by Metal). In the Five Elements, Earth produces Metal. That means the asker is making an effort to get the job. He will be making a great effort to get a job. It’s not that the job is always coming to him. It’s just that he has to make extra effort to get the job.

We also have to see the interviewer. The interview is actually represented by an Advisor. The interviewer is actually in the same box of the answer.

That means the asker is also trying to impress the interviewer. He is trying his best for the interview.

We also have to see the interview situation or interview process. The interview process is actually represented by the symbol of View.

This interview is also in Box 7. In this aspect, all the information is trying to tell us that the asker is making an effort to get into this box seven which is the answer, the interviewer, and also the interview work. So, he’s making a lot of effort.

In this case, we have to see more information. WE talk about the environment of box 7. Box 7’s environment is Dui, which is a happy environment. I can more or less conclude that box 7 is a good environment together with the symbols (Partner, View, and Advisor). He is also supported in this aspect. Generally speaking, box 2 is a Kun palace. That means this progress is slow and motherly. In this aspect, we are able to see that he is going to progress and be taken care of by a motherly figure.

Generally speaking, I would say that box 2 and box 7 are still very much in harmony. There’s no clash involved and there’s no problems although he’s quite a very impulsive and very lonely person. Apparently, it looks okay. There is also a Horse in box 2:

It means that this person is not very stable. But do not worry too much because he’ll be able to get a job. Whether he stays in the company – that’s another story because that’s the situation already. 

So, in this case, I would say that this person should be able to get a job. That is a very high chance, probably 70% to 75%. Not absolutely, because he is the one that’s always making an effort. Ultimately, it still depends on many other factors, such as the competition, the price, etc. The chart is just talking about the chances of this person, whether he can get the job, but of course it also depends on the person’s attitude (how he answers the question, whether he is able to impress the person, how many candidates are applying for this job, etc). So, it is not always 100% that this chart is going to tell you the definite answer. It is just going to give you a very specific guide direction of about 70% to 80%. Thanks for reading.

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