Low-cost and Free Strategies to Promote Online Business

The secret to the most successful businesses is promotion. The cost of entry is a good product buy what will bring you money is promotion. Most business owners overlook promotion assuming it’s time-consuming and expensive. To some, they have a tight budget, which makes promotion a challenge. The good news is, you can market your business without spending a fortune.

Guest Post on Blogs

Blogging can drive traffic, but before you see results, it can take you a while. As you grow your audience, guest posting will quicken the process. It will get you in front of everyone else. Guest posting helps drive traffic back to your site while the links still help with search engine optimization. Look for the ones with the kind of audience you would like to reach. For example, if you blog about women’s wear, you can offer to write a guest post in a blog relating to that niche. You can write an engaging piece they will love and mention how you have fancy ladies’ wear such as wireless bras with support, high waisted workout leggings, butt shaper, etc., and remain on topic. If you go out of topic, you might not drive any traffic.

Get Press Coverage

With an interesting product or great story, people will want to hear about it. Take control of your publicity by getting in touch with journalists and bloggers who cover your type of business. They are always looking for good stories even though they are inundated with many requests. Target the right publication. For instance, don’t request an environmental writer to cover your gym wear. Find someone in your particular field who understands the niche. They will understand when you mention butt shapers, wireless bras with support, or high waisted workout leggings. This will improve your success rate. Press coverage is a great way to put your name out there without spending too much.

Get Product Reviews

You may have a great product but have fewer sales because no one tells anyone how nifty the product is. Reviews are a great way to drive sales and spread awareness. Get the ball rolling; rather than waiting for your clients to review your product, use social media influencers or bloggers to drive the campaign. You don’t have to spend a penny; gift them your products in exchange for honest reviews. Using the earlier example of women wear, you can bestow your products to one fitness influencer with the most followers. Let them know the reason for your gift. Request them to post a photo of them wearing the high waisted, work out leggings, wireless bras with support, and demonstrate how to wear butt shapers and waist shapers. With great products, they will surely tell everyone.

Tag People on Social Media

No doubt, social media is a smart way to promote your business. There are several ways to make your brand go viral; the most effective one is tagging your friends. Encourage your followers to tag your social media handle in their post to help you grow your following. The best thing with tagging a post is that new potential clients will read reviews on the product. Hence, ensure that when posting on social platforms, you accompany every post with the reviews given by either influencer or past client. Within no time, if you are selling ladies gym wears, people will know you as the seller of the best wireless bras with support,high waisted workout leggings,and butt shaper in town.  Remember to make the post share able on all sites so it can reach more audiences.



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