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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis. The technology allows subscribers to have at their disposal a full-fledged virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the Internet. AWS’s version of virtual computers have most of the attributes of a real computer including hardware (CPU(s) & GPU(s) for processing, local/RAM memory, hard-disk/SSD storage); a choice of operating systems; networking; and pre-loaded application software such as web servers, databases, CRM, etc. Each AWS system also virtualizes its console I/O (keyboard, display, and mouse), allowing AWS subscribers to connect to their AWS system using a modern browser. The browser acts as a window into the virtual computer, letting subscribers log-in, configure and use their virtual systems just as they would a real physical computer. They can choose to deploy their AWS systems to provide internet-based services for their own and their customers’ benefit.

The AWS technology is implemented at server farms throughout the world, and maintained by the Amazon subsidiary. Fees are based

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Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Explore how millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. For AWS services, visit Asiapac today.

Amazon Cloud to Back Up Your Phone System?

Did you every think that your company would be physically unavailable, the building not accessible and the phone system unmanned? The issue of business continuity and disaster recovery is on your ‘to do’ list and hopefully you can get to it before it gets to you. Recently, we had the experience of having to resuscitate a client from near death when their physical facility became unavailable. Clearly, the phone system was very high on the list of “must have” operational now.

Here is the solution we employed with amazing results. First, we signed in and created a brand new account at the Amazon EC2 cloud offering. This itself was an amazing experience. Once your account is open, which can take a couple of hours if you do not already have an Amazon account (is that possible?), you can create and access a server with the OS of your choice within minutes. We already had an Amazon account so adding the AWS functionality took less than 30 minutes. We then created a Microsoft 2008 SP2 32 Bit Server and provision RDP access in less time than it is taking to tell this story. The AWS service provisions and assigns a DNS public IP address, creates a security instance (‘firewall”) and candidly, that took more time to make operational then it took to build an “instance” of our Windows based HQ server!

Once the sever was provisioned, we were able to make “firewall” changes to meet our security requirements. This is all accomplished through the AWS management console. Then the fun started, we downloaded our favorite PBX system! All of this is taking place in the cloud and under a time constraint, but we were able to provision our PBX and get in a configuration mode very quickly. Using our preexisting ITSP SIP account we were able to provision a multi-channel SIP “peer”, obtain a DID number and have dial tone in and out of the system within 15 minutes!

From then on it became near Childs play and basically the same as any other deployment. We brought up the most urgent User profiles first, established remote call forwarding and even enabled several SIP softphones. We were able to get the phone company to call forward the clients main BTN to the newly provisioned DID number and we had this client back to worrying about business issues that had nothing to do with phone service pronto quick. The entire process from account setup, to first phone call took two and a half hours to commission!

Clearly, not the carefully conceived business continuity and disaster recovery plan that should have been in place, but a success story none the less. We keep a pre-paid ITSP account available at all times which enables us to bring up 4 channel SIP peers in a heart beat. It seems we never know when we are going to need a new DID and Peer. The Amazon AWS is mind boggling in terms of what you can do and you are billed on a metered basis. Currently they have a program that bundles some 750 hours of usage a month for free. They also have some canned AMI’s (Amazon Machine Images) that cost literally penny’s an hour to operate.

Not that we needed another reason to have a software based VOIP iPBX but this is an example of just how powerful these tools can be to create and deliver viable telecommunications solutions on demand! AskDrVoIP and we will provide you the list of software solutions we used to accomplish this emergency deployment and we are planning to recreate the entire experience for a another DrVoIP video cheat sheet.

End User Computing Solutions with EMC and VMware

End User Computing Solutions with EMC and VMware

Join the conversation or learn more in the EMC and VMware community http://alturl.com/pgv6m.
Hear Chad Sakac, Senior Vice President at EMC, talk about trends in end user computing and how business drivers will impact the next wave. Chad also talks about EMC and VMware collaboration, to develop innovative solutions and service offerings for end user computing.

Searching End User Computing, visit AsiaPac Singapore

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Digital Hospital Singapore Reviews

Ashlyn Tan

My laptop died on me and my friend recommended me to look for Sam, from Digital Hospital

Being an IT idiot, there is lot of things I don’t understand and Sam was very patient in explaining to me

He even went the extra mile to help to me to do deeper diagnosis as he wanted to ensure that I will not experience future issues.

I would say that the whole experience was very good and of coz, my laptop is up and running now.

Am very grateful and I would highly recommend all friends to look for Sam should you encounter any issues with your laptops or smartphones

Thank you Sam once again. Really appreciate your professionalism and help.. 

Hee Khiang Ng

Can’t comment if they are the cheapest. But the service attitude is excellent. Thanks for Steven(or is it Stephen) and Edmund for the service rendered for my repair.

Howard Christian

Dropped iPhone on Surface Pro 4 and cracked screen. Sent in to the hospital and done within a day! Quick and excellent service, highly recommended!

Damian Ho

Professional service – fixed my laptop for free as it was a minor issue, as compared to the official Apple Store who wrote it off at a logic board issue and quoted $600.

Vicky Nyan

Sam from Digital Hospital, is a very professional and experienced technician that I just showed him a picture of my PC screen with a blinking underscore, he gave me a solution second later and solved the issue. Thank you Sam for your effort and time!

Khye Siang

Had problems with my hard disk and expected an overhaul. Employee named Deric told me to collect my laptop in 4 days time. In the end, called to have me collect it a day early, recovered and with a fresh SSD in the drive.

Effective and efficient service, my thanks especially to Mr Deric.

Desmond Long

Friendly and informative staff. They will first understand your problems before recommending the solution. Professional.

Wilson Ng

Excellent service in replacing my Surface Pro 4 battery at reasonable price.

Shirley Goh

Sam Tee from Tampines courts megastore has the warmest customer service. Supposed to knock off from work at 10pm. But he insisted to help me install all my necessary software before he end his work. He treat customer with the right attitude when knowing it’s time for him to go home but still gets his job done properly and still slowly explain every single details. Double thumbs up for such good attuide and customer service of his. ��

Julia Liew

Adrian and Mani from Digital Hospital Bugis Junction , The Digital Hospital is a very good place to solve your IT & computer problems as their services are really good and they help you with even the little details you need. I am not an IT person at all but they are still very kind and professional in doing their job. I would really strongly recommend anyone to visit them. Cheers to you all at the Digital Hoapital !!!

Ayuni Salleh

Very highly recommended! Came to Digital Hospital to send my Macbook for diagnostics. The person helping me was very helpful and patient in handling my case. My Macbook screen couldn’t turn on. I explained what happened, he went to the back to have a quick look and came back with my laptop screen working just fine. I was so surprised but am so glad I came here yay! He even waived off the fees because apparently it’s a minor fault in the connection. Thanks alot! Don’t think twice about dropping by here 

Kevin Chua

So one of the important things about having good business is about having great communication.

Digital Hospital of Bugis Junction has successfully done so. Keeping me updated about the status of my water-logged laptop over the course of 48 hours.

This is a business that deservedly should have a good review unlike the ASUS service center located in Burn Road.

Suzie Supri Walton

Adrian from Digital Hospital Somerset ,

He is very helpful and solved my problems immediately. He gave good advice and that is what good service is all about! Thank you Digital Hospital. I definitely will recommend this to my friends who are students as well.

Suzie Supri Walton


Best service from Sam to solved my outlook problem.
My Outlook when i delete the mail it keep show the email in my inbox, very annoyance.

Sam ask me to him about about 30mins and walk around first, once he done he will call me.
after 10mins he call me that he solved my problem and explain to me why this happen appear.

Thank Sam 

Neri Ortega Ursabia

I don’t have any idea how to install microsoft office & anti virus to my sons new laptop. Thanks to niel for his help in installing. One more thing i’ve learned also that they will repair and change cracked phone covers.
From now on already have an idea where to go for any IT problems.

Thanks to Niel…

5 stars for you & your company.

Joanna Tan 

Adrian , Mani , Natasha from Digital Hospital Bugis Junction gave me complimentary repair services and the service was very good. Instead of putting my laptop to be diagnosted for 2 to 3 days, they did it for me on the spot and settle it within an hour. Thank you very much.

Lim Whee Pyng

Had problems with 2 computers for days – for 1 comp, its itune cannot detect my iPhone. Another comp it can’t detect any wifi. We spent hours trying to search for solutions but to no avail. We chanced upon the pc doctor at courts megastore and your technician Sam was very friendly and helpful. He solved both problems within minutes!! Very happy with his excellent knowledge and service!

Doreen Ling

Highly������ recommend this place to “all not so IT savvy person” ( like me who only knows how to switch on laptop to use)…this is the PERFECT and ONLY place to go for any laptop issue…my laptop suddenly could not booth up ….they not only helped SOLVED IT/ retrieve the files I was working on but also advise the various options for my aged old laptop�

My sincere thanks to the staff at Bugis junction branch , Mani , Natasha and Syuqry�����

Regina Celeste Wong

Very professional staff with excellent service! Went to the shop with my laptop problems and the staff helped to diagnose my laptop without any upfront quotation unlike other shops, then offered the best solution options for me. Thank you

Lim Jun Hui 

The location at Bugis Junction is convenient and repair services provided was professional. The staff was also very friendly and trustworthy. I am very satisfied overall and would recommend their services to anyone who is looking for repair services for their gadgets.

Choon Sze

Adrian , Sam from Digital Hospital Courts Megastore , thanks to theirs advise and fast services, my old Macbook Pro is up in no time, well 2 days literally. Their friendly service and prompt action well deserve the 5 stars!

Liu Guiliang

I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and excellent customer service rendered by Neil at the Digital Hospital Outlet at Courts (Orchard Branch) today. I brought in my faulty laptop, and within 5 minutes, he was able to diagnose, advise and repair the software issue. I would certainly recommend Digital Hospital to my friends and family.


Nice and efficient repair service !Speedy replies to my consultation. Patient and friendly service staff👍🏻thank you ~

Jeslyn Pths

I was advised against repairing my note 4’s motherboard as it would be too expensive and my diagnostic fee has been waived off. Despite not getting my device repaired in the end, I appreciate DH’s honesty and service. Thanks!

Cheryl Heng

Adrian and Jeff from digital hospital courts megastore . Adrian was extremely helpful and customer focussed. I find him very knowledgeable and patient as well. He resolved the issue in an efficient, courteous and friendly manner. Excellent service; positive customer experience for me. Thanks!

Zhou Zhenyu Lizzy 

Giving thanks to Dennis from Digital Hospital Jurong Point ! Appreciate his patience & honest service 

Yew Hang

Great and fast service! Price and expected works was communicated to me before repairing.

Adrian from digital hospital bugis junction was also very polite and welcomed me to slowly test my laptop after fixing! Would recommend to others!

Xu Koh

i want to thank Sam from Courts Jurong point.
my laptop yesterday did windows update cannot go in anymore, Sam very friendly and know my laptop issue and he solved the problem on the spot

5 star !
thx Sam and Digital Hospital

Li Li Tan

Adrian from Digital Hospital at Bugis Junction has helped me alot with my laptop. I am a layman and Adrian was patient to explain the computer problem. Thank you thank you very much. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends.

Pei Li Peh 

Many thanks to Sam from Jurong Point Courts for solving my problem within minutes. Thumbs up to the great services rendered!

Snow Bel

Excellent service by Adrain from Digital Hospital Bugis Junction.
Helped to fix my computer while patiently explaining to me what went wrong and offered the best solution to me.
Thank you (; Highly recommended.

Amajeet Kaur

Adrian And Sam from digital hospital courts mega store has done a great job in helping us to install our Microsoft Office and resetting our laptop that we purchased from courts.
Thank you

Farah Fazirah 

Adrian and Sam from digital hospital courts megastore ,
Very helpful and gave very detailed explanation on the faulty device. They were friendly and ever ready to extend a helping hand whenever needed.

Adam Warren

Adrian from digital hospital somerset , Most helpful in his assistance retrieving important files from my dead laptop in minimal time. Was also able to offer advise about safe disposal of unused hardware!

Celsy Smart

Adrian from Digital Hospital Somerset , he is very helpful and patient. Fully explained the fault of my laptop and resolved the problem. Thumbs up. Will definitely recommend my friends over 

Yogeswary Chinniah

Adrian from digital hospital bugis junction came forth willingly to help an elderly woman like me save time an energy.I came to them rather desperatly because I was unable to use my laptop. I am so gratful to Adrian for helping me immediately and he did it with warm and kindness. Thank you Adrian .

Wilson Lim

Extremely satisfied with the service they provided. Their warm gesture makes me feel welcomed. I send in my laptop for repair and the duration it took was well acceptable. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to send their laptop to repair a try.

Lily Goh 

Adrian from digital hospital bugis junction was so helpful, service is good. First I called and he lead and help me throughout on my needs to solve my problem on my labtop.

Zainah Rahman

Adrian From Digital Hospital Jurong point , Service efficient and friendly, happy with his service

Tan Chun Yik

Satisfied with their service. They managed to get my laptop back to almost perfect working condition, no lag issues and speakers were changed as well! Thank you LGH, would definitely look for you guys when it comes to laptop services in future.

Winston Ho

Hi, thanks for the laptop service provided by your staff. It was done on time and efficiently! Definitely would come back for the reliable service. Keep up the excellent work.

Kate Lim

They were patient and detailed in explaining the issue I was facing with the computer, highly recommend! �

Philip Lee

Adrian & Sam from digital hospital courts mega store help me solve my windows issue within 1 hour , highly recommended, good service.

Ila Lailatul

Adrian From Digital Hospital Toa Payoh , he is so helpful solve my problem on microsoft office which i can’t use for few days. Highly recommended , well trained .

Sara Wang

Very nice service. The specialist fixed the problem quite fast and provided extra check of the status of other hardware. Professional.

Kathleen Kwan

Adrian , Edmund , Kent from digital hospital courts megastore are very quick in response and service delivery. Both occasions I got my laptop repaired in less than 90 minutes!

Cheryl Tan

Excellent and efficient customer service, clear explanation of the issues I am facing especially to a technical noob like me.

Highly recommended! �

Hoàng Thị Hạnh

adrian edmund from digital hospital courts megastore , friendly and very good service

David Xiang

adrian from digital hospital bugis junction help me clean my laptop and provide good service, thumps up!

PC Dreams Reviews 2018

. Labour is $80 excludes replacement parts.

After hearing this, I decided to go Sim Lim Square to seek repair. After went through 3 crowded repair shops. All quoted approx $120+ to repair (if repair cost is higher, they will call me). However I don’t have confidence in these shops and then Google for the best PC repair shops in Sim Lim and saw the hardwarezone forum with waves of praises of PC Dream services.

Hence I came to the shop and was really impressed by their staffs service. They offered free diagnosis on the spot. Then came their manager who told me it will take another 10mins. I ask what was wrong with my PC. The manager said they had already repaired my PC and now cleaning my PC. I was shocked and asked how much does it cost for the repair. To my surprise, he said it is FOC as they knew exactly where was the issue (since they had already encountered this issue many times before with other customers) and able to fix it quickly. That’s the difference between PC dreams and other repair shops (those shops which I went to, are pretty big shops with plenty of crowds, but they just simply power up without further diagnose and quoted you $100+) in Sim Lim.

My highly recommendation to any people who wanted to seek repair for their Computer PC, Laptop and Mobile Phones, go to the PC dreams, they are the best I ever met. When I chatted with their manager, I found out that they repair at components level instead of entire hardware replacement (as their staffs are all specially trained) and hence repair cost is cheaper. In additional, they are also the service center for few really big retailers in Singapore who offered extended warranty to their customer.

Lastly, Thank you for your awesome service for repairing my PC. Greatly Appreciated 

Jansen Teo Yong Ray

Brought my newly assembled PC that couldn’t boot up to them. They kindly lent us 30 mins of their time to tell us all the problems that we had with it that allowed us to realise how to fix the computer now. The best part: they didn’t even charge us for their help. Absolutely amazing customer service!

Gary Tan Supercell

Laptop died and decided to just risk it and tried this place. Turns out it was a risk worth taking as the customer service is good and they uphold their promise and my laptop came back to me alive in one day.

Juan Lee

The goodness so many customers have experienced is real and you only have to there to witness the miracle healing of not only your machine but also your spirit. It’s incredible, especially after you have visited manufacturers’ service centres and left feeling depleted and disappointed. Hope in machines and humans is alive and well here at PC Dreams, and it is Not a dream, it is Real !

Mzfamily Mzfamily

My son’s laptop couldn’t work before. His IT said it was the motherboard but we didn’t believe it. So we came here and they confirmed us that it wasn’t the motherboard. They helped fixed it up. It was true that it wasn’t the motherboard as we could still use it afterwards. Without them we could have bought the motherboard and it would not have worked.This is a good company and looking forward to going there again if my electronics have issues again

Shauna Yong Li Yuan

Had 2 faulty keys on my laptop and they fixed it for free! Also enquired how much is it to fix my hard disk and prices were very affordable. Will return to fix my hard disk. Genuine and friendly people!

Caleb Brandon Gan

Went in for a ram upgrade, and the staff even helped me clean my laptop of dust as the buildup was quite bad. The staff were friendly, polite and knowledgeable and I will definitely return should I need any more upgrades done!

Kae Wanq Sim

I visited to trade-in my laptop which I received their quotation few days ago, then when I met their staff, he told me they sent the wrong quotation and ask me to go. He didn’t say any sorry or even paiseh for sending the wrong quotation. WTX.

Joey Lim

I had a faulty key letter that needed to be replaced. They replaced it for free. The staff is also friendly in customer service. Thank you

Jason Christ Chiang

This is the only place i trusted in sim lim square for electronics device repair .
Friendly and reliable service .
I will definitely come back here if there is anything happen to my laptop again ( finger crossed ) .

Colin Wong

Great customer service. Friendly and efficient. They were quick to respond to my personal enquiries and also arranged for prompt delivery of my product. They also personally checked with me to make sure that I had received my product and that I was satisfied with it. Keep up the good work!

Manoj Masilamani

They are trying to exploit people. I was going to sell my laptop as i saw in internet about pc dreams, but they are just good in exploiting people they told we can take your laptop for just 30$. What they said is business i accept it but made fun of me. Its not acceptable. I sold my laptop in sim lim square where pc dreams is located for 150 $. So please avoid pc dreams.

Tiffany Chong

I was at PC Dreams Sim Lim Square outket (#04-04) looking for a laptop as my current laptop was faulty. But i have no idea what to get and i wanted to retrieve the data i have in my laptop.

All 3 of the staffs in the shop were very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. The staff took the time to explain to me the difference between each model which i am really grateful for as i do not have much knowledge on processors and stuff.

The staff provided great advice and even went the extra mile to help me get a casing for my HDD. I am really glad that i visited PC Dreams. Do convey my thanks to the staffs who are working at the outlet.

Ayesha Jeewa

Derick and his team are great. They fixed my computer with original parts in 45 mins diagnosis included.

Jehn Torres

I would like to thank Joseph and Shawn for repairing my laptop free of charge. Unlike one of the prominent repair shops in Funan, when they checked my laptop told me to buy another one coz it will costs me 180 sgd or more depending on the extent of damaged but since I was not prepared for buying a new one I decided to go to PC dreams. There i met Joseph, who was very enthusiastic on how he can help me, I showed my laptop that the screen is black. While one of his colleagues named Shawn, asked if he can check my laptop. After 5-10 minutes its working and he did not ask for the pay. I even told him what I read on the reviews are true. They are very helpful and highly skilled so I recommend if you have any problems with your laptops or pc you may want to check PC dreams in Funan

Carlota Groot

I must say the attention and service you get at the Laptop General Hospital outlet in Funnan is simply outstanding. I found myself surrounded by really helpful staffs who did everything they could to repair Mac Pro and use my warranty coverage. When I first got there I knew they were going to help me. They also called me a few times during the week to update me on every move. I am sure my Mac wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t because of their experts who agreed on inspecting the Mac right after the incident. Thank you so much for all you have done. I will surely come back if I ever need to.

Spencer Loo

Hi, I was at PC Dreams (Sim Lim outlet) where Wai Keong (WK) was serving me at around 2pm today. Although there were 2 other customers before me, he acknowledged my presence and assured me that he would attend to me when he has finished attending to the 2 other customers.

I didn’t have to wait for long before WK attended to me. I spoke to him on the specs that I was looking for and the type of work that I will need from a laptop and WK gave me a good recommendation which was coincidentally the Dragon Eyes laptop that was on promo. Good price for a monster laptop, plus excellent service I must say. He was very amiable and friendly and related about the upcoming PC trends as well as patiently setting up my laptop and customising it to fit my liking when I told him that I prefer to stick to the Windows 7 interface instead of Win8.

Coming from a former service staff myself, I say this guy deserve a pay raise! 

Frederick Chen

I had an excellent experience with PC Dreams Laptop Hospital service this morning. Last week, I tried to turn on my computer, it just did not boot up or start at all. I tried a couple of times with the same result. Then I brought the laptop to Laptop Hospital this morning. Johnson, the staff who attended my issue, was courteous and professional. He simply removed my battery, pressed the start button for a couple of seconds, then he plugged in my power adapter. Voila, it started to boot up again. And, when I asked how much for the service. He simply said, the service was free! What a great and professional service!

WeiHerng Tee

Shout out to Laptop General Hospital, just had my laptop serviced with the something spa package, cleaning the fan and getting new thermal paste. My laptop fan was loud and noisy before and it came back totally chillaxing. Some of the keys did not work after the service so I sent it back in, the Filipino sounding service guy replaced my keyboard with no charge. It’s good that they admit the fault and promptly fix it. Awesome customer service.

Alicia Neo

Kudos to the very patient and honest sales person at pc dreams. Patiently explained and demonstrated the diff specs between diff ipad models. He was even honest to point out the down sides and was not pushy at all, even though he knows he doesnt have on hand the specs that and want and is within my budget. End up didnt buy anything but kudos to their patience and honesty!

Juliana Foo

Thank you laptop hospital for making an otherwise unpleasant repair trip a hassle free one. Great job again on my 2nd trip there.
Mani – friendly and always willing to help. Thanks for fixing up the wireless driver first time.
Carol – the generosity of the cable was not expected and you helped.
Johnson – your smiley face makes everything less daunting and again, wasn’t expecting a freebie cable but u guys are always accommodating. Will return canle if I find it at home.

Highly recommend u guys. Couldn’t be more appreciative.

Shawn Cross

Was at PC Dreams earlier today as I was facing some issues with my laptop. Was served by a guy known as Mr. Tan. Extremely helpful and honest with his opinion. Managed to get the issue resolved within 15 mins, and was advised not to upgrade as the laptop was pretty old. Very pleasant experience for me. No doubt in going back when the need arises.

Alvin Alvero

So I woke up this morning and saw one of my friend liked a post of PC dreams in Facebook. Out of curiosity I checked and found out they are having a clearance sale. The HP slate 12 got my attention cause they are selling it very cheap in brand new condition. I was disappointed to read that 2 of the last units are already reserved. Out of desperation I tried to call to check if they still have stock. I was very happy they still had one last remaining. I got a call from Waileong and agreed to reserve it until I arrive. I was surprised that he is already charging it when I arrived so I can already test it. Purchasing was smooth as cocoon silk and I was very confident the tablet is in ice mint condition. I am very satisfied with Waileong’s very professional service . I am looking forward to our next bargain deal! Lol. Thank you very much!

Gina Ng

Went to PC Dreams Sim Lim Square (03-01) as I was having some screen display issues on my laptop. The friendly gentleman Steven told me this outlet doesn’t accept repair work directly from customer. However he offered to help me do a quick diagnosis. In less than 10 min, he told me problem solved! Just a little cleaning and tightening of the cable. I wanted to pay him but he said is free. Bravo!!!

Wei Kiang

Great services provided by PC Dreams. But wasn’t that happy with the pricing though and it’s partly my fault. Saw on the Facebook page that they were running a promotion of refreshed laptops and the ASUS UX305UA caught my eye at $1,099. So I went down and traded in my laptop and asked them about the promotion. I didn’t see that the promotion was only until 24th August and I went at 25/26? can’t remember the exact date so the price is back to $1,199. The salesman there was kind enough to drop the price to $1,129 and I bought it. 1 – 2 weeks later, I saw the price back to $1,099 again and I only have myself to blame for being so “kan jiong”. Fast forward to COMEX, the price dropped to $999! This time round I was pretty angry, and it’s not PC Dream fault. It’s my fault for buying it right before COMEX. I was just unlucky to get the model that dropped so much in price. But the staff there is really friendly. Definitely will purchase my next laptop from PC Dreams again but this time round not right before any of the PC Show 

Xavier Tan 

Contrary to the reviews here and on Hardwarezone, your service is slow and inefficient. Staffs are inattentive at best. A simple diagnostic of issue takes 3-5 days which is unlike what was reviewed. Please stop getting people to write fake reviews for you.

Wu Huishan

Excellent service when I went for trade-in at the Sim Lim outlet. They are not pushy for sales and very patient. I forgot to get the name of the guy who helped me but THANK YOU! he listened to my needs before recommending a laptop and when I can’t make up my mind, he told me to go back to think 

Clare Chang

Awesome service provided by Wai Leong, staff of PC Dreams at Funan outlet. He was helpful, polite and patient. He assisted me all the way in choosing a laptop which suits my needs. He also offered to check my faulty laptop and helped to extract my files from the hard disk at no cost. Bought a HP elitebook from him at an affordable price. Will definately recommend PC Dreams to my friends!

Lester Lim

Have a some issues with a Refurbish laptop that I brought, so at the end they let me changed it to a different model but its brand new, same price. I can say that the customer service is one of the best I’ve seen so far. They are very friendly and when they are setting up your laptop, they will entertain you too  If I were to ever buy a laptop again,would definitely visit PC Dreams again 

David Chow

Good customer service by Wai Leong at Laptop Gallerie(funan). Answered my questions with patience and detail explanation. I will recommend my friends to go there and check it out if they want some decent laptops with acceptable prices.

Anne Giam

I bought a used ipad from PC Dreams, am very happy with their reasonable pricing and professional handling. It was a smooth transaction, goods is in mint condition. Staff like Jason Lin, Wei Keong and CK provide great and friendly support. Highly recommended.

Marcus Soh

Good services rendered by Johnson. Even updated me on status of repair without my prompt.

Spa treatment is recommended! Laptop feels as good as new! The metal finish on my laptop feels even better then it did originally!

Keep it up guys!

Johnathan Li

Laptop Exchange proved to be a profound disappointment in the way they handled customer queries at Carousell, being taken for a ride and treated like an idiot on a negotiated pre-owned ultrabook deal. Unless it can clean up its act I have no choice but to stay far far away from this one.

Adella Oon

I brought my laptop in for servicing. Was served by Johnson who was really detailed & checked it thoroughly, from plug to the connections. Great service provided by him, who patiently trouble shoot till found the root problem. Thank you very much.

Zhikai Zekando

Went to LGH for servicing my MSI GS70 Laptop. Service was fast (About a week). The engineer Scott Yang solve my laptop problem of frequently crashing with different error message reported everytime. Jounson at the customer service counter is polite and nice as well.

Khoo Pei Koon

Brought my laptop to PC dreams, and was served by Johnson. He was very meticulous in his approach, trying out many methods to try and save my laptop, also advising me against repairing my laptop as it would not be economically worth it. He is a jewel that PC dreams should be proud to have.

Martin Neo

recently, my laptop totally not working at all. i have went to laptop general hospital at FUNAN to seek for assistance.
I wished to send compliment to ms. Aiza of rectifying my laptop issue, especially recovering on my personal data !
i’m really satifised and pleased with her serivce !

Ong Sihan

Excellent service by Johnson! Even though the problem of my laptop seems to be a minor issue, he was very detailed in the checks and offers great advice for the repair. In addition, he even helped to polish my laptop. Definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Jon Gardner 

Really good and service! Found the issue on may laptop and resolved very quickly, Johnson ,who dealt with my issue, was very knowledgeable and friendly. Wouldnt hesitate to use again.

Peggy Boey

Service from PC dreams by Johnson and his fellow colleagues were great. Detailed explanation was made for the recovery service I required. Appreciate their work at the front line and back end. Thank you guys!

Tan ShuHui

Spilled water on my laptop and the display screen was blank thereafter. Sent it to laptop hospital after reading their online reviews and i’m really happy with it! The staffs are really friendly and offer fast service. Within just a few days, they called me up to clarify things and the laptop now is as good as before! Really satisfied & will come back if my laptop has any issue. Thank you Aiza & Johnson! 

* Oh! They offered me a special price of $100 for water spillage repair as i was a student hehe

Keeve Tan

Came here twice to service my MSI laptop due to some faults. They were friendly and helpful and I would recommend anyone who needs to repair their laptop to go to them. As of thus far, I have no complains. Thanks Johnson.

Michael Lee 

Just repaired my 2010 macbook pro at PC dreams. Cost $120 to replace airport card. Repair done after 30min when I was told to wait for 1hr. Serve by this guy called Sam.

Wee Liang Hong

i visited your office and is served by Mr Johnson.
He is a very friendly individual and know his job well.
Can hold a good conversation and excellent customer communication skill. 
Thumb up!!

Mohd Helmi

Great customer service from Johnson. Very detailed analysis from the mentioned staff; i was quite worried as to why he took so long to check my laptop but i realised that he was just being very meticulous in figuring what went wrong with it.

Excellent service from the team; I wanted my laptop done fast as i was going overseas and they accommodate my request with no question asked.

Thank you PC DREAMS. Good job. 

Tay Hua Swee

Relatively quick service. Johnson was able to answer all my questions and doubts about the laptop and how long it is going to take. he is also very polite and friendly to me while I was stressing over my laptop’s problem. All in all very good customer service.

Ben Leong

Laptop General Hospital is quite good for sending in your laptop for repairs. The atmosphere they set and protocol use make you think you’re entering a neighbourhood bank rather than an informal electronics repair shop, with queue numbers, sofas and water dispenser.

The staff who served me was named Johnson. He was polite and patient, despite me being overly focused about founding out the cause of my laptop’s problem and asking a lot of technical questions. He explained the protocol of how they will diagnose and remedy the problem effectively, and did not hide what are the potential charges for repairing the computer.

The price to fix the laptop, however, is quite steep. Though the issue with my laptop (blank screen due to graphics card issues) is quite routine, the price I felt was a little too expensive for it. However, I guess they made up for it with professional service and assurance. They also have a 90 day warranty in case any issues arise from the repair, and that’s really good.

Elaine Ng

I brought my laptop to Laptop General Hospital on Monday afternoon (29 Dec) for HDD replacement & was amazed to receive a call the next day, advising that the laptop was ready for collection.

This superb turnaround time enabled me to present the laptop to my helper as a New Year gift to her kids. Very grateful, thank you very much. Your staff there, Johnson, was personable and helpful – excellent service.

Have a fulfilling and successful 2015!

Kent Chan Yong Foo

I call the shop today to ask abt the progress of my purchase of Asus laptop k451lb-wx109h over at qoo10 website. The person who answer say he not sure of this transaction and will ask manager. He ask me for my hand phone number and his manager will contact me in 5 min time. But I have waited for one hour. Still nobody call back. I call back and nobody answer. This is such a terrible service. This is one of the incident.
Another incident is I went to the shop personally and ask abt the model. The person who entertain me also very poor service too. When I ask abt the price difference between the qoo10 website price and shop price, he unhappily tell me to go buy from the website.

Adonysius Chia

Went to Sim Lim Square #3-13 for repairs on my laptop keyboard, both diagnosis and repair were faster than the given estimated time  Very huge thanks to the staff working there c:

Ignatius Tan

Went to buy a laptop from you yesterday. Staff were very patient and assisted me in the choice of laptop, even telling me of specials that I wasn’t aware of and reccomending me an option better than what I originally wanted and at a cheaper price. Props to the male chinese promoter with a ponytail, the spectacled guy(awesome accent by the way) and the malay guy who I believe is their supervisor, really great service!

Mark Tan

Went to your repair unit at SLS #03-13 with a MBP that couldn’t boot up. Was told likely to be hard disk problem and qouted $120 to replace with a 500GB hard disk. Left the MBP and went for lunch. Received a call from your shop saying it’s only the hard disk cable that needs replacing. Price: $120. Puzzled why the cable cost as much as a hard disk, I questioned the person on the phone why a cable cost so much. Reply was straight forward: that’s my price! Went back to collect my MBP without repair and got it done at another shop for significantly lesser!!

Bill Chia

Went to PC Dreams at Funan IT Mall today, brought 2 ASUS G750JZ.
Fantastic Customer Service (They even help carried my laptop to the taxi stand )
I had problem with the network connection so I contacted them again to request some help
they help me a lot. Now my laptop is working a fit as a whistle *Thumbs Up*
Highly Recommended. If you are looking for a new laptop for any propose, do head down to PC Dreams.
PS. If you are heading down to Funan IT Mall to get a new laptop, do look for Wai Leong.
He has been a GREAT help. Giving me info about the laptop and a Great Deal 
GOOD LUCK *Thumb Up*

Delon Dragon Liong

Came to sim lim square to buy a game and stumbled across PC dreams. Went in to check out the transformer series because I had wanted to buy a new one to replace my spoiled one. Was surprised by the knowledge of the staff as well as their friendliness. Special mention to Sean and Sanford who gave me a good price for the new laptop. Check this out! Cheers!

Vincent Ooi

Dropped by 2 nights ago around 745pm on SLS third floor. One of your staff members with specs, who was busy checking another laptop, stopped his work and gave me a diagnosis and trade-in value for my previous Lenovo ideapad Z400 for $300. Honestly, I had a better offer outside, but because the attitude of the other buyer was really, really bad – I chose to stick with PC Dreams’ valuation.

That brought me to the Laptop Outlet on SLS 5th floor. I was served by Sanford, who gave a good explanation about one of the models I inquired for. He offered to test every single part of the laptop for me, did a few installations, and even offered to insert additional RAM for me on the spot. Overall, it was a pleasant experience for me, and I got the Asus unit that I wanted – definitely a win for me. Thanks Sanford for the very thorough examination and service, and for having a good memory in remembering me, and thanks guys 

p.s. Your music in the Laptop Outlet around 7pm-8pm last night was awesome, staff members with great taste in music – so much win 

Richmond Goh

Sanford from Laptop outlet has been a very great help to us, we shared to him what were our needs and he went through patiently what laptop would best cater for me. It would be recommended to purchase from this shop! Great Service!

Bryan Lim

Went right into the PC Dreams store at the 5th floor knowing what I wanted. Still great help and promptness from the sales guys in getting the item for me with no hassles in between. Really happy with the product and service overall. Highly recommended store!!!

Kavitha Kp

Sourced for a good computer repair shop online to ask about my laptop crash issue. PC dreams came first on the search engine and went on to ask about my laptop crash problem by sending a message on their facebook page. They were very prompt in replying and were honest about their service. I would definitely recommend PC dreams to anyone for laptop or other gadget repairs, best bet in town. Thank you PC dreams, appreciate your top notch service!

Eugene Wong

Excellent with friendly service provided based on my computer needs and budget.
Salesman, Joseph, should deserve a good Star service award and a decent bonus or increment!

Joseph Tan

Thanks Wai Leong of Laptop Gallerie for recommending the laptops for my company usage. He is friendly and took time to answer my queries thru What’s app and phone call. I am able to decide the suitable laptops to be used. Keep up the good works.

Russell Loh

Visited level 5 PC Dream and was greeted by Anthony. Appreciative of his patience and willingness to listen to my limitations, while suggesting other options available for me. Thanks, Anthony and team who were there at the shop today!

Peter MF Woo

Went to Level 5 shop on Friday to trade-in my old nb and get a new nb. My thanks to Joseph, Mark, and Sean. Ended up getting a better nb than what I had decided on and at a good price too, thanks to Joseph. Good friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended.

Right-Size Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Right-Size Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Effective capacity planning and optimization is becoming a pivotal necessity in IT management. CA Capacity Management can help IT organizations optimize their existing infrastructure by using generated performance data to make adjustments so that loads are balanced across the data center. This enables IT to help ensure business requirements and demand trends are met and managed in near real time and cost effectively.

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Future of Cloud Computing: Is IT Dead?

Future of Cloud Computing: Is IT Dead?

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Experts discuss the future of enterprise IT. Panelists include:

Greg Knieriemen, Technology Evangelist, Hitachi Data Systems
Scott Sanchez, Director, OpenStack, Cisco
Dana Gardner, analyst, founder at Interarbor Solutions

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10 Tips Audit firm in Singapore can Get More Clients

10 Tips Audit firm in Singapore can Get More Clients


Regardless of the fact that whether you have funds to invest in advertisements, it’s imperative for the success of any business to go through the process of Google Adwords.

An advertising campaign allows you to place an ad on search engine result page.

The advertising or PPC advertising on Google works in a simple manner on keywords to look for specific products and services. Whether you want to grow online sales or attract new customers, Google Adwords can do wonders for you.

There are many benefits of using Google Adwords to market your business; the businesses in Brisbane are gaining an advantage of them. In this article, some of them are listed below:


It’s an old saying in marketing “half the money I spend on advertisement is wasted; the issue is which half”. This is not the case with Google Adwords. You can measure each aspect of your single penny, right from the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, number of conversions, conversion rate, CPC, CPA etc. with a team that optimize your campaigns and keywords, you can ensure your metrics improve over time.

Maximum relevance

Most clients ‘complain that they don’t get maximum relevancy for the keywords due to ad auction that takes place. This ad auction determines the order how the relevant ads are organized on search engine result page. If your campaign has higher number of clicks, it’s for sure that your ad would get recognized by the prospective clients’.

Cost effective

It’s the primary and most important factor of Google Adwords that make it a choice among the business people.

Get insights around the clock

By creating an account on Google Adwords and logging, you can check out how your ads are doing.

Let you identify your competitors’ strength and weakness

Whenever a new ad campaign comes, competitors of the business surely mitigate a lot of risk. So, you can take an advantage of your opponent’s effort and use the invaluable information to your advantage. You can even use competitors’ ad campaign to improve your marketing campaigns.

Creates a Compelling Offer & Call to Action

You need a robust and compelling offer and call to action, and that is what how you transform your Google Adwords from traffic source to customer source.

So, with all these benefits, you can gain an attraction of clients’ or prospective clients in the competitive business world and get your business found on the main search engine.


Since business owner wants to gain maximum benefit and minimum investment thus, they search for the right ways so they can promote their business or product in a conceivable way.

Email marketing software helps the business person in sending the number of emails.

To run successful email campaign emailing software is necessary because this software contributes to promoting products or services as well as gives your business lead against your competitor with minimum investment.

The email campaign software is an exceptional tool that is designed to fulfill the necessities of an email marketing campaign.

Email marketing campaign is mailing method, which is also known as bulk mailing or spamming. In this posting strategy, promotional emails are forwarded to an entire list of emails which contains thousands of emails.

Apart from having a valid email subscription of individuals, in a few countries, it is a constitutional requirement for marketing experts to follow anti-spamming rules, strictly.

From a structural point of view, email marketing software is not so complicated to use.

There is a database holding the list of emails of an individual, whom we want to be sent emails through this software.

The whole process of using email campaign software is very easy that needs a simple interference and emails are sent to all.

That could not be actual measuring of your business conversion, but if individuals don’t open your mail, then they can’t get the benefits of the offer or relevant information held inside the mail.

That is the reason this is the first thing you have to look in your email campaign software since it can act as an indicator for a problem with mailing subject or name.

You can track which customers are clicking on the different promotional email. Furthermore, the emailing software has many other features through which you can get more details like who and when clicked on emails so that you can create new mailing for your email campaign. This thing can help you to find better target customers.

By offering these individuals who are interested in your offers or discounts, you will gain more people consistently coming back to your store.

Email software helps you to attain a more Return on investment for your every investment since it shows you the overall reports, details, and other stats to reveal what you have achieved or not with your email campaign.

The point when marketing professional run a general campaign; they don’t have any idea about how many are opening emails or not. With the mailing software, you can get analyze the effectiveness of your email campaign. Using this information business owner or marketer can take better decision for the further marketing year.


One thing to consider is that these sites have to grow over time. Are you going to launch your blog today and have one thousand readers tomorrow?

Of course not.

You need to allow people to find it and talk about it. Word of mouth can be very helpful.

You need to let the news that your blog exists to spread.

You need to show people that it has something that is worth reading.

You need to show that you will update it consistently.

These are the types of things that can make you successful.

Do not give up if this success does not just come to you right away. It is not the way that it works with anyone or anything.

Furthermore, you should never make the mistake of assuming that what you have to say is boring or irrelevant.

Perhaps you do not feel qualified to have a blog about photography because you are not a professional photographer with many years of experience.

What you will find is that there are more people out there that are just like you than you would imagine.

Because of this, these people will love to read your blog.

The things that you talk about will be things that they find themselves dealing with on a daily basis.

They may also enjoy reading a blog by a professional so that they can see what they need to do to get to that point, but that does not mean that an amateur blog is useless.

If you make your website and post on it all of the time, they will come to you because they will feel a personal connection.

You may be able to learn as much from your readers as they learn from you..


With millions of customers searching the Internet every day for products and services they want to buy, no business can afford to ignore the web.

It can be complicated and confusing though when first starting out, and not every effort is rewarded with success.

An Internet Marketing Expert is a specialist in the field of drawing customers to a site and converting their activity into sales.

Retailers with physical storefronts have a sales strategy.

Businesses who sell to other firms have a sales strategy. It is unlikely these strategies will be the same as they are targeting different markets.

The web is unlike any other sales channel and needs its plan developed.

Developing a strategy that aligns with the overall business plan and values is easy with help from a marketing internet specialist.

There are millions of customers searching the web every day to find and buy products.

But, how does an organization make themselves visible to these people?

And, how do they get the right people to find their site? What is search engine optimization and why is it important to get high search rankings?

Individuals who are expert internet marketers can answer all these questions and more.

When customers visit a site, it needs to be easy for them to find what they want and to buy it.

Any difficulty encountered will result in the potential customer clicking away and buying from a competitor.

Structuring the website in a way that is intuitive for customers is vital to success.

A new site will have things that work supremely well and other parts that only just make the grade.

A business needs analytics that can tell them what customers do when they reach the site. They can show what holds a client’s attention and what doesn’t.

Marketing experts can develop and provide website analytics.

Have you already established a website?

Are the sales numbers it produces unimpressive?

It may be because your strategy is not quite right or you aren’t visible enough for customers to find you.

Or, it could be that the clients find your site difficult to use and pull out of the purchase before it is completed.

Getting a review of an existing website done can turn an average site into a great performer.

A business has a product or service to sell.

An Internet Marketing Expert has expertise on the Internet as a marketplace.

These experts can help a business to create a site that draws people in and then turns them into customers who buy.


How do you communicate all the reasons why potential customers should do business with you (over the competition) without it sounding like bragging? Testimonials!

When you say it yourself, it sounds like bragging.

Potential customers will also give your statements less credit; they know that you want to sell your product or service, so anything you say is suspect.

On the other hand, when people, with nothing to gain, say positive things about your product it is easier to believe and rely.

You should strategically place testimonials on all your marketing material. Include them on your web page.

Most successful companies even have a page on their site dedicated to testimonials alone.

Add testimonials to your brochures or pamphlets.

You can even put a succinct testimonial on your business cards.

Any contact form of communication you have with the public or your customer database really should include at least one testimonial.

Collecting testimonials is easier said than done, so you might be wondering how to start gathering testimonials for your business.

Testimonial Collection Tips:

If you leave it weeks or months after delivery the client may not remember you at all let alone what they liked about your product or service.

  • Consider asking for feedback rather than an outright testimonial. Customers like to know that their opinion is valued. By asking for feedback you give them the opportunity to share with you the good and bad aspects of your service. With permission you can then use the positive comments as testimonials and the negative feedback can help you improve your customer service.
  • Keep your client feedback forms short and sweet. One page questionnaires are best but never more than 2 pages long. Your customers are busy people, so the shorter the form the better chance you have of having it completed. Ask targeted questions. Examples include: What did you like best about our product? How you would you describe our service? Detail one experience you had with our product or service.
  • Now this is very important. At the end of the form ask their permission to use their comments in marketing for your company and have them sign it. If you are using an online collection process have a check box.
  • Often you will receive testimonials that are a bit too long or contain spelling mistakes. It’s okay to edit any mistakes or reduce longer statements, but make sure you ask the client to approve the modified testimonial in writing before you use it. The best way to do this is via email.

Gathering testimonials is possible for all business types and should be seen as an essential part of your marketing activities.

Just follow these steps and you’ll start building a library of valuable testimonials in no time.