Marketing Meaning

1. 8 Essential Branding Steps For Your Business

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2. 13 Tips For Upsells With Customer Success

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3. A Marketer's Guide To Going Mobile

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4. Ascent To Conversion Heights With Better Sales And Marketing Alignment

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5. Color Matters Yes!

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6. Color Me Wrong - How To Not Get Lost In The World Of Color?

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7. Color, Value And Evolution Of Logos

8. Declassifying Google's Hummingbird

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9. Defining Digital Marketing Strategies

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10. Digital Marketing Terms With Or Different Or Double Meaning

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11. Email Marketing Tips For 2016

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12. How Affiliate Marketing Works

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13. How To Create Insightful And Actionable Buyer Personas

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14. How To Create Memorable, Shareworthy Email Experiences

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15. Inbound Marketing - Why Your Business Needs It!

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16. Monitoring Email Marketing

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17. Psychology Of Color

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18. Search Engine Marketing

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19. Sesional Marketing Planner

20. Shortening Human Attention And What It Means For Marketers

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21. The Five Pillars Of Social Media Influencer Marketing

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22. The Importance Of Color Choice In Marketing

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23. The Meaning Of Colour In Marketing

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24. The Psychology Of Branding With Colors

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25. The Psychology And Meaning Behind Shapes

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26. The Psychology Of Colors In Marketing

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27. The Psychology Of Colors In Marketing

28. The Psychology Of Colors

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29. The State Of Digital Marketing In Sports

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30. The Top 8 Social Media Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

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Marketing Concept


1.Marketing Funnel Diagram

2. Marketing-Instruments

3. How Will We Incoporate The Marketing

4. Types Of Marketing

5. How Digital Marketing Helps Your Business

6. Difference Between Selling And Marketing


7. Core Marketing Concepts

8. Marketing Concepts

9. Customer Oriented Marketing

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10. Online Marketing

11. Craft Marketing Concepts That Win

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12. Internet Marketing Concept Map

13. 7 principles of marketing

14. Benefits Of Marketing


15. Four Steps To Create Marketing Positioning Statement

16. The Modern Marketer

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17. How Affiliate Marketing Works

18. New Funnel

19. How The Companies Think

20. MHE Marketing

21. Push and Pull Strategies

22. The Role Of Marketing

23. Selling Concept Vs Marketing Concept

24. The Marketing Concept


25. Difference Between Selling Concept And Marketing Concept

26. The Marketing Concept

27. Understanding The Concept Of Needs, Wants And Demands

28. Marketing Concepts

29. 7 P's Of Services Marketing

30. Website Monetization

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How to Fix An Overheating Laptop Repair – Sony Vaio Disassembly Fan Cleaning New Thermal Paste

How to Fix An Overheating Laptop Repair – Sony Vaio Disassembly Fan Cleaning New Thermal Paste

“Note change of channel name from “HealMyPc” to “HealMyTech” since Thursday 22 December 2016, will announce properly in next video upload…thanks a million!”

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Connect with me:
Twitter: @healmytech

This video:

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Thermal Paste Used: Arctic Silver MX-2 4G

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Windows 10

Windows 7

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Canon EOS 1300D UK:
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DIRT CHEAP SCHOOL & MEDIA LAPTOP – Lenovo Ideapad 110S Review

Lenovo’s Ideapad 110s is a great budget laptop for school and office work, and a great media consumption machine. But for any real performance, the upgraded Celeron doesn’t give it much of a shot.

Product link (Amazon Affiliate):

TunnelBear 3-day free trial:

Windows 10 vs Windows 10 S: What’s the difference? –

Linux on Windows 10 S –

Other laptop reviews:

Processor: Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core processor, 1.60 GHz
Memory: 2GB system memory
Hard drive: 32GB eMMC
Color: White
Operating system: Windows 10
Display: 11.6″ Typical 1366 x 768 HD resolution display, Energy-efficient LED backlight
Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768
Ports: 1 x USB 3.0 port, 2 x USB 2.0 port, 1 x HDMI, 1 x headphone/microphone jack
Video: Intel HD Graphics 400
Media Card Reader: yes
Optical Drive: NO
Wireless connectivity: 802.11ac and Bluetooth
Built-in HD webcam with microphone: YES
Bluetooth: YES
Dimensions(inches): 11.5″ x 7.95″ x 0.7″
Weight(pounds): 2.53 pounds
Battery: 2-cell lithium-ion

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC:

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How to Sell Old Mobile Phones || or Laptop || Hand to Hand at a Best Price Online

हेल्लो दोस्तों कैसे हो आप ।
इस विडियो में आप देखेंगे के कैसे आप अपने पुराने फोन या लैपटॉप या कंप्यूटर वगैरह हांथो हाँथ घर बैठे ही ऑनलाइन बेच सकते हैं वो भी अच्छे दामो पर
मैं उम्मीद करता हूँ ये विडियो आप को पसंद आएगा

How to Sell Old Mobile Phones || or Laptop || Hand to Hand at a Best Price Online

The website, based on your description prices tell the gadget. If you accept the offer, your gadget is sold, and the price is at your linked account. These gadgets come and pick your own e-companies that provide and pay in cash.

Karma is considered the best in the recycling companies. Here customers old and defective smartphones, tablets such gadgets can sell easily. This site 3 lakh, 60 thousand gadgets has been bought, for which payment is more than Rs 15 crore.
From smartphones to laptops are sold here. The way it works is like Karma recycling. The company also offers free pick-up as well as the customer’s payment.

So if you want to sell TVs and gaming gadgets website is best for you. Gadgets can also be sold here. It gets a good resale value. This site is currently available only in cash payments.

Besides selling the gadgets can be bought second hand and Rifblrshid. Market Value, you will get much cheaper than this.

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Laptop repair training service tools video

Intersoft Institute Training Center

Online Training Available over the globe, Online/Offline
IAO | ISO Certified Institute


L-1 Basic Laptop Service Training
(Intro. Laptop, Difference, Advantage, Uses, Safety, Tools Required for Servicing Laptop. Identify Parts of Laptop, Dismantle & Assemble and Laptop with Parts Identify, Formatting & Installation of Operating Systems & Drivers on Laptop)


L-2.1 Basic Electronics Analog, Digital, Practice
(AC, DC, Electronics, Types Of Circuit, Measure, Types of Material, Working Detail of Circuit, Different Components, Digital Electronics, Types of Number Systems, Conversion, Types Of Logic Gate, Study of Different Chip Datasheet, removing, Cold Testing, Warm Testing, Soldering and De-soldering Practice)

L-2.2 Adapter, Battery , Lcd, Inverter, Etc Repairing Concept
(Adapter, Battery, Inverter Repairing Concepts, Lcd /Tft/Led Ccfl / Lcd Tube Concepts, Common fault in Ram, Keyboard/ Touchpad & Hard Disk)


L 3.1 Laptop Working Detail
(Introduction to Laptop Board & Block Diagram, Chip Identify, Basic Working Detail Of Boards
Mosfets And Its Used, Switching And Regulator, Power On Stage Primary, Second, Vrm)

L 3.2 Schematic Diagram Tracing
Power Supply Chips Detail And Understand Signals. Clock Generator, Cpu Section, North Bridge And Graphic Chip Connection, South Bridge, Lan, Audio, Hdd, Cdd, Card Reader,I/O Controller Keyboard, Touchpad, Camera, Power Controller, Pch (Platform Controller Hub) North+ South, Tracing Board With Schematic Signals, Charging And Primary Voltage, Secondary Voltage Output Signals (Sus, Main (2.5v,1.5v) S0/ S3), Vrm Section & Pci Reset Signals, Tracing Of Different Laptop Board Power Stages

L 3.3 Fault Finding Steps
(How to Use CRO basic Concepts, Testing With CRO & Multimeter, Testing Tools of Debug Card & Slot Tester, Bios Update & Reset, Washing, Cleaning, Drying & Dry Solder Problem Solution Of Motherboard, Testing Laptop Power Consumption Thru Power Supply Unit, Fault Finding Laptop Power Section, Fault Finding Laptop Connection, Flow Charts For Fault Finding Steps)

L 3.4 Bga Chip Replacement And Rebolling
(Removing And Inserting Different Chips Practice, Use Of Bga Machine, Temperature Setting, Bga Reboll Rework Practice, Demo For Other Product)


L-4.1 Advance Engineering Level Laptop Repair Training
(Revision Of Laptop Module 2 Concept Of Power On Sequence, VRM , Bios, Understanding Different Models & (ODM) Original Device Manufacture of Schematic Diagram)

L-4.2 High End Instrument Practice
(Types Of Laptop Password, Bios Password, Admin Password, User Password, Hard Disk Password, Uses Of Different Repairing & Testing Instrument)

L4.3 Repairing Concept With Different Laptop For Practice
(Laptop Common Fault List & Repairing , Removing And Inserting BGA Chips, Fully Practice With BGA reballing
Customer Motherboard Repairing Practical Knowledge, Reballing Process By PPD/ Stencil/ Balls)

Mobile No :- +91 98241 44698
Website :-
Skype :- intersoft05

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Best Gaming Laptops for $1000 – Which Ones to Buy? Which to Avoid?

Dave2D comparison of the best gaming laptops in 2017 that are cheaper. Comparing build quality, gaming performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life.

Dell 7567 –
Acer VX15 –
Lenovo Y520 –
HP Omen –
Asus GL553 –
MSI GE62 –
Sabre 15 –

Individual Reviews:
Dell 7567 –
Acer VX15 –
Lenovo Y520 –
Gigabyte Sabre 15 –
HP Omen –
Asus GL553 –

Replacing panels on your laptops can void warranty. Do your research on your particular laptop model/panels. There are lots of good panel options =) GL!

Music Credits:
Fili – The Break

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Lenovo Ideapad 710S Review – A Cheap and Thin Laptop!

Dave2D review of the Lenovo Ideapad 710S – The XPS 13 competitor. Covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.

Available Here –
Laptop Case Thing –
External Drive Thing –

Be sure to check out my other ultrabook reviews:
Top 5 Ultrabooks –
XPS 13 –
Razer Blade Stealth –

Desktop Wallpaper Download: (Can’t link this yet. Will update soon.)

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – The Break

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