Creating a Perfect Linkedin Profile Page

Below are important key pointers for Your Linkedin Profile

Update your picture

The first tip is to use common sense but it is always useful to remember to treat your profile picture on LinkedIn. Remember that LinkedIn is not Facebook. So avoid the pictures of your last vacation or your last evening in a nightclub, or that of your 20 years of age. Your picture must be professional. Avoid using blurry photo, a group photo, a photo with your boyfriend or child, a picture in which you are wearing an outfit that you would normally be not wearing to your workplace.

Boost your skills list

Use the hottest skills to market yourself. The skills section is the best place where recruiters can find you easily. The “Skills” are buzzwords that change all the time. For that LinkedIn will help you find the right words and phrases most commonly used. Type competence in the search box of skills and will compare this term to a list of similar terms and offer all terms approaching your search. You can enter up to 35 skills, so enjoy!

It is now possible to put your non-professional skills. During your volunteer work, or when you indulge in your passion, you can develop skills that deserve to be on your professional profile such as writing, organizing the annual celebration of your town or your passion for biathlon.

Complete this field of all your skills because your profile will be found easily by your future business contacts.

Reveal your personality

You have a passion? You are hired and doing volunteer work for a humanitarian cause? Do it now! This will allow recruiters or professional contacts to know how you dedicate your spare time. That says a lot about your personality and can facilitate others. So do not neglect this part and keep it updated regularly!

Collect recommendations

Most people will seek new recommendations when seeking a new position. This is a serious mistake when you are having professional recommendations from your family or your friends over a condensed time. Residual and by inference, it will be easy to identify and ignore by recruiters.

So try to have good recommendations throughout your career. This will impress prospective recruiters to see that you have had positive recommendations on years and with different types of contacts: clients, employers, colleagues … Please note that recruiters prefer above all the recommendations of senior sectors of you or your business.

Dust off your enrollment groups

You have joined a few groups during registration on LinkedIn or you have responded to invitations to join a group that you have accepted out of kindness or by automation. Note that groups can be one of the best ways to expand your network. Have a group in common with someone who gives you a good way to break the ice with professional contacts.

Do not prefer staying in the old groups that concern you more or that have become inactive. Join new groups that match your professional interests today! Do not feel limited to join the group of your business or that of your college friends, expand your horizons through professional groups LinkedIn! If you want to do personal branding, you must also devote time and avoid errors.

List of pitfalls to avoid

Too many friends

There is no harm to connect with your friends on LinkedIn, but too much praise, it is always a little suspect. A recommendation from the workplace is worth of being gold if it is sincere, but you can get that by providing excellent work but if your sincerity is in doubt if only once all your efforts fall by the wayside.

Link with too personal website

LinkedIn is only for your professional life, links to Facebook and other sites where you chat with friends and acquaintances therefore have no place. However, if you keep a blog dedicated to your career, and a link with it is obviously very useful.

Give too much discretion to LinkedIn

This social network complete a lot of things automatically, without asking your opinion – for example your work description at the top of your profile. In some cases, this is fine, but you still do not let other people determine what to include on your card! So think about what needs to be in the tagline, because most users will decide whether to continue their visit or not.

Snubbing the groups

For each professional who is on LinkedIn, groups bring together people from the same branch. These groups are a great opportunity to show which capable persons are there in your area, so join them. However, there is no need to respond to each comment, but active members of a group are highly appreciated.

Excessive Updates

Send regular updates to the world is a great idea, but all updates are not interesting for LinkedIn. Try to find the right balance between activity and quality content, or you may irritate the members of your network.

A Linkedin Marketing article by Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru

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