Qi Men Dun Jia divination Western restaurant investment, to invest or not to invest?

Welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. This is Dougles Chan again.

We are going to talk about this Qi Men Dun Jia divination in this case study related to Western restaurant investment, which the client wants to invest in.

Let’s go straight to the case study and then I will teach you how to decipher the information based on Qi Men Dun Jia.

The investor asked me whether or not to invest in this restaurant (the Western restaurant).

Apparently, I will open this chart: on December 11, 2019, at 22:22. Based on this time, the chart gives me some indication. So, how do we see this chart?

In this Qi Men, we will look at the Hour chart, corresponding to “Xin”.

We need to look at where the “Xin” is in the nine boxes below. It is over here:

Generally speaking, it will tell us whether it is a good idea to go, but of course, this is not so straightforward. Apparently, based on the basics of Qi Men Dun Jia divination, we will only stick to box number 9. I will decipher further information whether to go ahead with this investment.

So, the question for this Qi Men Dun Jia divination is: “Is it a good decision to invest in this Western restaurant?”

Having said that, box number 9 is our answer –  a preliminary answer. 

There are 3 signs: Obstruct, Bandit and White Tiger.

A combination of “Obstruct” with “White Tiger” means that the obstacle can be very fierce – a very big obstacle or many obstacles involved.

And with the “Bandit”, we are talking about losing money (investing money). It means that the money involved can be huge. This is based on the box number 9 information.

Step two, we are going to go to the seeker who asked this question. We must know the condition of the asker. We must know his environment. From there, we can have better information. So, the seeker is the Day stem.

So, we are going to look at where the  “Ren” is. It is in box number 1

It tells us that this person is having some opportunities (“Open” is the opportunity’). He can be a  “Leader” and quite “Fearless” in this business investment.

Moving forward, we also have to look at the elements of both boxes. Box number 9 which is a Fire. Box number 1 is Water. So, Water will counter Fire, which means that box number 1 will counter box number 9. We have to say that this investor will counter and not produce the result.

So, even before he invests, I can more or less predict that he is not going to invest.

This is how powerful Qi Men Dun Jia can be.

Let’s decipher the information further.

Let’s look at the profit for this business venture. Is it going to be profitable?

With profit, we will always talk about “Life”. So, we must find the “Life” (in box number 3), which is called “Sheng Men” in Chinese.

From there, we notice that this Sheng Men with Jiu Di (9Earth) means that the profit may not be as good as it seems. There will be profit and there will be some people or things that happen, which will destroy this profit.

There is something which is more important is that we have an Emptiness over here:

It means that there is a circle in Qi Men Dun Jia. A circle equates to an Emptiness. So, what does an Emptiness mean?

Emptiness means that the energy of box number 3 is not high. It is slow, about 20% to 30%. So, we need to take reference to the other box which is directly opposite. It is box number 7


In box number 7, we have: “Death” (Si Men), “Impulse” (Tian Cheong) and “Darkness” (Tai Yin). “Darkness” (Tai Yin) is a hidden element which means a hidden activity in this particular business venture that is going to happen.

“Death” is actually the worst scenario in any prediction. In terms of profit, it is not going to happen. We have 60% to 70% of the energy, so there is going to be the “Death” in terms of the profitability. It tells us that this is going to be a tough decision, And there are some elements of hidden things that will be happening.

Therefore, I said to the investor that this investment would have a lot of obstacles. It is not going to be profitable. Of course, I did not tell him that he was the one deciding not to go because I already knew that he was not going to go.

Moving forward, the investor, as predicted, did not actually go into investing in this business. A few months later, we have come to a stage which is COVID-19. A lot of businesses and restaurants were closed and could not operate due to the stringent requirements of the regulations and laws to stop people from going into restaurants.

In this aspect of the case study for Qi Men Dun Jia divination, we are glad to say that the investor has saved a lot of money by making a great decision (not investing in this Western restaurant). This shows how powerful Qi Men Dun Jia can be in terms of divination and predicting what might happen in the near future.

If you want to learn more about Qi Men Dun Jia or want to know about the skills, please visit my website. From there, we can see how we can educate you more in this Qi Men Dun Jia.

Thank you very much.

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