Qimen Dunjia Destiny Reading by Jack Yong


Jack Yong – Qi Men Dun Jia Consultant

A seasoned corporate professional with a strong foundation in the banking and treasury industry, Jack in currently in the Real Estate industry and  brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Holding a business degree from UK, Jack have successfully navigated the intricate world of business, honing his analytical and strategic skills.

Qimen Destiny Reading

Beyond Jack’s corporate prowess, he is also a recognized Qi Men Dun Jia practitioner. His mastery of this ancient Chinese metaphysical art allows him to offer unique insights and solutions, blending traditional wisdom with modern business acumen to guide individuals to their fullest potential

Under the Guidance of Master Dougles Chan, Jack has practiced Qimen for close to 4 years and has helped over 100 clients with Divination and Destiny reading. Jack is an expert on using Qimen to read one’s life path and decipher one’s career, health, direct wealth, indirect wealth, relationship and potential in various areas of life. Jack is also able to use Qimen Divination to forecast the likely results of a future event and advise the course of action needed to change it.


Jack aspires to use his diverse background to provide valuable services, harnessing the power of Qi Men Dun Jia to offer financial consultancy, corporate strategy, or to guide individuals and organizations towards success.

Qi Men Dun JiaDestiny Reading Fees: S$188.00 per session, each session about 1 hour via Zoom

To make appointment, please msg +6593880851

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