Technical Definition of Qi Men Dun Jia #qimendunjia #qmdj #qimen #奇门遁甲

The definition is ‘Qi’ 奇 which means something mystical. What is ‘Qi’ 奇 itself? The ‘t’ is defined as the three nobles: ‘the number there are,’ the ‘Yi, Bing,’ and ‘Ting.’ So when you see these three of them in any combination in the stem itself under the achievement chart, usually, it spells something nice and good.

‘Men’ 门 is called the ‘door.’ There are a total of eight different ‘Qimen doors.’

The eight different ‘doors’ are related to Open Door, Live Door, Rest door, and then we have the Obstruct door. After this, we have another four different ‘doors,’ which are the Injury Door, Death Door, View Door, and Dispute door. All these represent a certain energy, a certain relationship, and certain luck. All these doors create a formation too.

Jia 甲 the number one emperor of the entire Dynasty. So, the whole structure of this Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 here is saying that it is the mystical door hiding the Jia 甲. That means he is trying to protect the emperor from the enemy. So, who are the enemy? There’s only one group of enemies, called the ‘geng,’ which is the highest enemy for this year. So, the Jia 甲 is always losing to the ‘geng.’

Technically, when you see a Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 chart and you see the ‘geng’ inside the answer, or you see the ‘Geng’ inside that particular reference information that you want to take note of, then you have a problem. You have to respect the ‘geng.’

It’s not that we are always tilting towards the Jia; it’s just that, based on the question itself, we will decide which is more important: the ‘Qi’ or the ‘king.’ But that ‘geng’ is the greatest enemy. Take note, the ‘geng’ is the greatest enemy. As long as you have noticed that, that will be good enough. When you see any chart that has a ‘geng’ together with it in the answer, please stay away from it.

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