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The Alexcier

The Alexcier, which is located in 237 Alexander road is a commercial building that is effective for 30 years since 1998. Located very near to Ikea, which many people loves their Swedish furnishing and tasty chicken wings, one can wonder, having an office located in 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier can be a dream place to be.

Feng Shui Perspectives on The Alexcier

If you notice in the building, there are many car showroom in the ground floor, where Alexander Road is famous for many car vendors selling new cars such as Mercedes, Fords, Nissan and many other famous brands, in one perspective, there are too many cars in the area stationed over there within Alexander road, hence you will need to be aware that it became a huge METAL environment, which will not be good for people who belongs to wood elements.

The Number 237 as the Block number

Many feng shui master or numerologies experts will based on their Feng Shui formula and Numerology calculation to derived whether the BLOCK 237 will be auspicious or unlucky. In this article, we will not cover into that area as in the eyes of Qimen, that will be consider too amateur and the meaning will be too broad. Once it is too general, it will not be too helping and useful for anyone to use the findings.

However, the number 237 can be used for a boss prospective and show us what will likely to happen to their business. In this case, we will need to plot out a Qimen chart and compared the number to see one by one to see the overall combination. It will gives us a good picture of what the boss of the company will encounter if he or she buys or rent a unit in 237 Alexander road at the The Alexcier.

Bearing in mind the everyone has a different chart, and although the number 237 is the same, but when combined with different peoples Qimen Destiny chart, the outcome will be different, that is why some people business becomes very good after renting a office unit at 237 Alexander road at the The Alexcier but some bosses failed, there is a hidden energy within the block 237 that will benefit or harm the bosses and businesses without the person knowing.

Take note that this is based on the Block 237 perspective, we will still need to look at the unit number he or she is renting or buying, when we look at the unit number, this will be more micro level.

Unit Number of 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier

Take for example, if a boss rented or buys a unit in #07-05, we will take the 7 and 5 to see in their own Bazi Destiny chart and see what are the signs and meanings it has generate, with the combinations of the palace to palace five elements, we will see if it is in harmony which will brings good business, profits, sales, clients to the business, or it will bring failure, arguments, law suits, bankruptcy to the owner!

Considering the Directions

The direction of the block 237 Alexander is facing will also make a difference. Take note that energy of the building will change after certain years and using Qi Men Dun Jia, we will be able to forecast the energy change in years to come, that is where Qi men dun jia is very powerful and reliable, which was used by the China Emperors thousands of years ago.

Be cautious that when we are getting a good energy indication NOW does not mean it the good energy will stay forever, due to the Tai Sui in every year, the energy actually moves up and down, some Feng Shui master uses the Period 8, Period 9 to see the energy, but the gap is too big, hence using it as a reference may not be too reliable.

Where the Unit is located in 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier

Check out the floor plan of the entire building and locate where your unit is at, and from there use a compass and see what direction the unit is located, using the centre of the building 237 Alexander Road as a reference point, once you know the direction, check the direction indicated in the bazi destiny chart, the symbols within the palace will give you an indication of what is the meaning and reading from it.

When possible, try to choose a palace that have a good door, good stars and good God, that will be the best combination, avoid any Stem which has a Geng, 7 kills or Enter Grave situations.

Macro and Micro Level

In order to see if 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier is a good unit based on Feng Shui perspective, we need to see the building direction compared to the yearly Taisui, the numbers 2, 3 an 7, what it means in the bazi destiny of the boss, the unit numbers, you do not have to use 0 as it is consider a neutral number. Compared the unit number and the bazi destiny meaning, get both the macro and the micro level and see if both are in a good and positive energy with reference to a Qimen Chart.

No Perfect Combinations

Always remember that when you use Feng Shui select a business premise, especially incorporating Qi Men Dun Jia as the highest form of Chinese Metaphysics, you will never find the BEST combinations and answer, there sure to take note that some indications where it is negative, as long as it is not involved in a “losing money” symbols, then it is still not too bad. The symbols that are losing money  are “bandit Star“, “Black Tortoise” and “Impulse.” Some other harmful symbols may lead to “injury”, business partnership argument or a “death door.” Hence, knowing which symbols represents what meaning will be extremely important. Be careful on how each symbol is combined too!

Obviously, there are also good combinations when you are selecting 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier as the potential unit to buy or rent, there are good doors such as “Open Door”, which indicates that there are more business opportunity, “Life Door” which says that the profits of the business, “leaders” which also indicates that there are good people or bosses that will likely to help you.

Respecting the Symbols of QMDJ

Some people who believes in Qi Men Dun Jia prospers all the way steadily quietly, making very few mistakes in their decisions making and using the best energy of the symbols within the palace of the numbers and avoiding costly situations for themselves and their business. Those who have experienced the real power of Qimen will attest that it does makes a difference, for those who are non-believer, it will be another fairly tail stories that they may have heard of.

There are thousands of combinations of symbols from a Qimen Chart and expert Qimen masters can see many things which a normal person cannot see. It is not mystical or superstitious as this techniques had been used over at least 3,000 years, rumours that it is more than 5,000 years which is not easy to verify.

Some distinct advantages of Qimen is that they are able to predict the future by at least 70-90% of accuracies, which depends on what school of Qimen, the skill level of the master and other unknown factors. They are also able to see a persons, company potential on how far they can go in their business and whether they are able to make money, keep the money and what scale the business can go to.

Obviously, the power of Qimen is far beyond that but that will be another topic to cover. If you are interested to know more about what Qi Men Dun Jia is all about, you can check out this link.

Going back into 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier

Final verdict, for 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier, is this building a good Feng Shui place to start a business, to buy or even to rent it? The answer is not so straight forward, I would need to see your destiny chart and see the combinations that will reveal the entire story, of which I will also combined the information provided using 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier as the source and take references to your bazi destiny chart, from there, then I can advise whether the building 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier is a good Feng shui for you and will benefits you and your business in the long run.

Hence, do understands that every building is unique and it might be suitable for you and not suitable for another person. Or it can also means it is not suitable for you but will be suitable for another person who has a different bazi destiny chart as you.

So if any Feng Shui master says that a specific building is bad, then you need to be more careful and aware, isn’t that the same theory as horoscopes where it tells that what horoscopes will mean something, isn’t that too broad? I am sure you are smarter than that!

But certain standard Feng Shui concept still applies though, for example, if the building is surrounded with more YIN energy, such as police stations, temples, graveyard, hospital, military base, prisons, abattoirs, slaughter house, etc. If the place got these category of building around, it will not be very suitable for you to work in that zone, so in order to find whether there are such buildings in 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier, you can goto Google map and look at the surrounding and see if there is any of such building.

You can use the map and search 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier + Temple, or  237 Alexander road, The Alexcier + police station or 237 Alexander road, The Alexcier + hospital, so on and so forth, I bet you get my point.

Once this is cleared, you will feel comfortable that the YIN energy is lesser and will be more suitable for you to work and generate more sales and profits for your company.  

In the event that you do find that there are many YIN energy around the building, you will realised that there is not much things you can do to change the YIN energy in the surrounding, hence I may recommend that you should not buy or rent a unit in The Alexcier instead.  

Summary for The Alexcier

– Pay attention to the unit 237 Alexander Road, are the number in harmony with your birth chart, this applies to the owner of the company. Plot the Qimen Chart and see what it tells you using each palace basing on the number above. Every palace will tell you a story and to see further, you can combine the palace to palace to see a bigger picture, sometimes it can tell you a very interesting story

– Pay attention to the unit number you are buying or renting, are the numbers also in harmony with your birth chart, same logic above, does it shows you a good indication or it is a possible problem or challenges ahead.   

– Pay attention to the surrounding if there are many YIN building around, if there are, then it might not be the best place to be in working there.

Alright, here you are, the Feng Shui analysis of 237 Alexander Road. For Feng Shui matters related to Qi Men Dun Jia, do contact Teacher Dougles Chan for a private discussion. You can also attend his Qi Men Dun Jia course over here, every year, he conducts a few classes related to Qimen Dunjia.      

Teacher Dougles Chan can be contact at +65-93880851 or email to dc or you can fill in the form below:

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