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The Functions of LinkedIn and it’s Benefits


The LinkedIn key function allows an individual member to organize a network of their business contacts. It may include their colleagues as well as their bosses. It will also incorporate the links of their close associations. It is used to search Jobs according to one’s criteria and choice. This is regarded as one of the most important feature of LinkedIn.

It also entails descriptive information about the latest business opportunities. One may receive suggestions from the people listed in their network. LinkedIn enables the professionals to assess the profile of hiring company to check their credibility and integrity. One can find specific individuals who will help and guide about the latest job’s specifications and trustworthiness. Some companies need individual to sell the products of their business at reasonable rates. This not only increases their sales, but increase awareness about the product.

The newly added features of the LinkedIn have influenced notable marketers. This will make sure the adoption of new ways as a marketing strategy. It will really help in promoting the business and their products to nearly one hundred and seventy five million members. The most important approach is to create a page for your business and provide all information about it. You will need to update it regularly depending upon the query of a particular member. Enlist FAQs for the convenience and ease of the user so that they can easily acquire knowledge and understand without any difficulty. Keep it engaging and resourceful with plenty of information sharing tools so that professionals would find everything they want on one platform.

Moreover, LinkedIn provides essential features for an individual user. Initially, when user log on to the website through WIFI locations, security risks had impacted their usage inadequately. Now, LinkedIn has pre-enabled feature of Https. It keeps the communication of user in encrypted form. In addition to this, it safely identifies the web server. One can enable this feature by changing their security settings.

Another characteristic that has enhanced the user’s convenience to find people is the option of “people you may know”. It particularly focuses on three basic contact searches. The first one is related to new people who are currently using LinkedIn. The second one helps to find out the contacts associated with your past work place. The third one assists in search of contacts of your school to organize them into the potential network list.

The next feature is amazing one and related to headline news. Occasionally, you have not so much time to search all the latest headline of the day, then this problem is resolved with the help of quick snippet that is completed in a short span of time.  This service is provided with the help of Speech-In app. It reads all the latest headlines on a particular day. This Text to speech facility allows the user of LinkedIn to hover over the quick overview of today’s headline news. Besides, user can navigate forward or backward and listen to the news, next or previous again respectively. In short, it is finest tool that meets the modern need of the user.

Linkedin Marketing article by Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru. Author of Financial Success in Recruitment Industry & Job Seekers Power Manual. Creator of C-Marketing, V-Marketing, T-Marketing, Market Tumour, and the exclusive training program Recruitment Apprentice.



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  1. […] From the perspective of an employer, LinkedIn makes it possible to search for suitable candidates for the open positions in their company. Also LinkedIn affords an employer to post a vacancy and directly share it with everyone who matches the requirements of the vacancy. Hereby LinkedIn presents the vacancies to employees as ‘jobs you may be interested in’. This makes LinkedIn a more persuasive design compared to traditional vacancy posting. In conclusion, LinkedIn facilitates the speed and smoothness employers and employees can communicate about open vacancies and potential career steps.  Of course this is not the only affordance LinkedIn has to offer. LinkedIn is also a platform on which professionals can share knowledge on specific specializations with fellow acquaintances. More on the functions and affordances of LinkedIn can be found here. […]

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