27 Nov 2015

Guerrilla Marketing – 7 Simple Guerrilla Marketing Tactics That Cost Little to Nothing!

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics are marketing initiatives that are out of the ordinary. On average, a consumer needs to see or hear about your brand 7-10 times before they purchase from you. Large companies have the opportunity to spend millions on ad campaigns for television and billboards, but
27 Nov 2015

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

The history of these battles is the history of guerrilla warfare. There are similar stories in business. One example is that of the "Marlboro Man". Before the Marlboro Man, the Marlboro brand of cigarettes was ranked 31st - almost rock bottom. After the introduction of the Marlboro Man, and th
24 Nov 2014

Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing Tips – Infographics (Set 1)

Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing Tips Infographics compiled by Digital Marketing Guru - Scotts Digital @ www.scottsdigital.com
01 Nov 2014

20 Practical SEO Tips for Ranking to be Number 1 in Search Engine

It is the wish for every company that owns a website to be ranked at the top in the world’s most popular search engine—Google. But one would soon realize that this is not an easy task to achieve, and it takes a lot of effort to get to the top. The popular ones are those that are most trusted by
31 Oct 2014

How to Use LinkedIn to Raise Your Business Profile

Learning how to use LinkedIn successfully is a main part of any present date job search. The similarity goes that if Facebook is a student social gathering and Twitter an office party, then LinkedIn is a high profile networking result. 1. Promote board members to include essential information abo
30 Oct 2014

Digital Marketing 101

Can we think of a life without the internet? Whether it is about paying our bills or keeping in touch with our family and friends, internet plays a vital role. Life without internet is unthinkable. Apart from these basic utilities, internet serves as a major breakthrough in marketing. It is about do
28 Oct 2014

Are Your Spending More than 2 Hours Per Day in Twitter? Then You are a Twitterpated

Are Your Spending More than 2 Hours Per Day in Twitter? Then perhaps you are becoming a Twitterpated. If the term “Becoming Twitterpated” doesn’t ring a bell in your ears, then you’re missing out on loads of fun in your life. Basically, the term signifies the phenomena of thinking about you
21 Oct 2014

How to Brand a Recruitment Company.

It is extremely important that any recruitment company needs to brand themselves aggressively because the competition is extremely stiff out there. If you are not able to position your recruitment company to a level higher than your competitors, the possibility of losing your existing clients will
13 Oct 2014

How to Build and Grow Your Business Successfully using Twitter

In the past couple of years Twitter has gone from an insignificant “instant messaging” site to a rapidly growing social network. Even now the number of tweets posted on Twitter per day is STILL growing. This is great news for us Internet Marketers out there, because with great growth comes great
12 Oct 2014

Can PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Really Help Recruitment Agencies to Get More Clients?

Many recruitment agencies, who are at a loss of what to do to ensure that their agencies stay afloat, are searching online for marketing methods and strategies to create more sales and business. Many times, they will be bombarded with advertisements and articles on pay-per-click advertisements and