02 Oct 2014

Advantages of Social Media on Recruitment

More than 35% of the companies promote themselves on social networking websites with the intention to recruit people. It is said by the recruiting gurus that in the coming days more and more companies are bound to use social networking sites for researching as well as recruiting people for their com
01 Oct 2014

How You Can Use Twitter to Your Business and Sales

Here are a few ways Twitter can help to benefit your business and sales: Establishing repertoire with your customers / readers.  Twitter allows for a bit more personal, less formal, more fun mode of communication. It allows them to catch a glimpse of you just as a regular person sending SMS tex
28 Sep 2014

8 Things You Need To Know To Achieve Success In Business.

To be able to achieve success in business, it is not just joining another affiliate program or Internet marketing program that can make you as RICH as many people claim. Yes, there might be people who do get rich overnight, but don’t bet on things that you are not familiar with. In every business
28 Aug 2014

6 Proven Ways to Generate New Clients for Recruitment Agencies

What to get more clients for your recruitment agencies? Here are some practical tips that really works. I have compiled 6 proven ways to get new clients for recruitment agency, all of them had been used and tested during my many years of advising clients and training recruitment consultants. Here go
26 Jun 2014

The 3 MUST C’s You Need to Know to Get New Clients for Recruitment Agency

The 3 MUST C’s You Need to Know to Get New Clients for Recruitment Agency Throughout the years when I was helping recruitment agencies, I saw a trend where the recruitment consultants are having extreme difficulties in getting new clients for themselves. Even until present, the same thing s
12 Sep 2013

How to Market Your Mobile Apps to Ensure More Downloads

Marketing starts as soon as you incorporate your mobile app ideas and then make it real. But those who have the concept do not really have the budget for the marketing scheme. Apart from the famous belief, a lot of schemes regarding apps marketing don’t really require too much spending. From the p
27 Jun 2013

Why Personal Branding is Critical for a Recruiter aka Recruitment Consultant.

About 95% of recruitment agencies all over the world are only concerned with branding their company or firm instead of branding their recruitment consultants. The main reason is that most of the recruiters will probably move to another firm when their time is up, and with this mindset, it is very
16 Apr 2013

How to Use LinkedIn to Brand Yourself as a Professional Recruiter

Here are some easy steps to identify, contact new employees and to help your brand for yourself as a professional recruiter on LinkedIn. Consider visibility: Being a recruiter you have to move unmasked.  A professional recruiter cannot attract candidates anonymously unless he is identified. Similar
26 Mar 2013

Using a Facebook Fan Page to Recruit Employees.

Believe it or not, there are dos and don’ts about what should be the content of a Facebook fan page. And we can see many examples that prove to us this is true. The knowledge of these strategies is not only informal. Since 2010, Social Media Examiner has organized the “Facebook Success Summit
25 Mar 2013

How to Build Your Business with Twitter the Right Way

Business and Twitter, the Right Way to do it. Popularity of the Twitter social network is growing tremendously on a daily basis. It’s the perfect place for people and businesses to share their thoughts and suggestions for personal and business benefit. Businesses can profit from the use of Twitte