Advantages of Recruiting through Social Media

Social Media RecruitingJob hunting has always in essence been all about networking. Catch friends, relatives, family-friends, ex-colleagues, seniors, someone you met at a friend’s wedding, someone at a cousin’s party and absolutely anyone you can strike a conversation with and say that you are looking for a job. Social media is putting virtual networks in a technological exploration towards the cause of recruitment. Social recruiting leverages various different features and tools offered by social networks so that they can get access to the information of and reach out to potential job candidates.

Social Media and Networking

The simplest way of processing this is to post a job opening on the social media and then evaluate the respondents for a good fit. But a prerequisite to this method yielding good results is that you need to have a strong network or multiple connections. And this holds for both, the company offering a job as well as the candidates looking for one. It is very important that the news of a job opening with your company must reach as many people looking for job, as possible. Once shortlisted, the HR will just have to run the candidate through the usual procedures. And yes, social recruitment also involves evaluating the candidates on the basis of their web presence, at some stage or the other. It can involve looking through the activity on social networks, browsing for general web presence etc.

Social Media and Cost Benefits

Basic advantage of social media is in the cost benefit it offers. Companies can advertise at a smaller expense and at the same time be able to create ads which are highly customized helping them to target specific groups based on location, expertise, gender etc. Keywords are the key tool they have at their disposal and even the candidates search for relevant keywords when looking up over the internet. Now-a-days, it is also possible to publish a particular ad to only those users who belong to a group with certain characteristics. Another benefit of social recruiting is the optimization of man hours invested into the process. The unemployment rates might suggest otherwise but it is not always easy to find the ‘right’ candidate for any position. If a candidate has to turn out a disappointment after being interviewed, the efforts which go into procedures undertaken till that stage can be reduced a little if done through social networks.


We ‘meet’ people online, we get chance to ‘see’ what they are like, we can ‘learn’ from people in their networks what are the traits of a particular candidate. This method of gauging the candidate beforehand is more effective when done through social media than reviewing applications. Although CVs and cover letters might still be essential components of social recruiting, this platform offers more information than you can ever collect offline, at an early stage.

The world is going tech and the every interaction among human beings is evolving with this. No personal or professional relationship is spared from being impacted by these phenomena, needless to say, employment through social media just a part of it!

An article by The Recruitment Guru – Dougles Chan



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