C0000218 Registry File Failure Error Rectification

You may receive “Stop: C0000218 {registry file failure}, the registry cannot upload the hive {file}” error message while tying to install Microsoft Windows XP on the system with a new hard drive having NTFS partition.

This window initialization time error may occur due to corrupted registry, the hardware is not compatible enough to install Windows XP or due to any damage in the hard drives on which OS was to be installed. It may occur due to defective RAM or due to any malware and spyware attack or infection in the PC’s memory.

Blue screen of Death (BSOD) may occur during the start up of your computer due to C0000218 registry file failure error and it also prevents proper uploading of the operating system and your computer will often restart without any possible shown reason.

If your computer is suffering from a this problem first do check the compatibility of the hardware which are installed in the PC and you may browse Microsoft Market Place website and also look for the Microsoft Support policy for hardware that are not in the Hardware compatibility list.

How to fix C0000218 registry error: –

If hardware is fine and you still get the C0000218 registry error message while starting your PC then you may try manual ways to fix this registry error in 5 to 6 simple steps as follows:-

1. Damaged Hard disk repair: – This is the most basic cause of the error in the registry due to bad sectors in the disk or some physical damage. In case of physical damage you will have to replace the current disk drive and the following steps may help to remove bad sectors of the drive: –

  • Boot your PC into the safe mode by pressing F8 before it starts loading the OS.
  • Right click a drive.
  • Check tools for check now.
  • And finally follow the instruction on the screen’s display.

2. Corrupted Registry: – corruption in registry is due to accumulation of junk data and due to the increased size of the registry and the corrupted registry entries results in C0000218 Registry File Failure Error. Boot your computer in the safe mode and use a registry cleaner to get your registry cleaned up.

3. Run Recovery Console: -You need to have OS installation disk before you use the recovery console to fix the C0000218 error. Install the Microsoft Windows Installation disc and restart your computer and run the recovery console and follow the instruction to clean the registry and recover your data and all disk checks restart your computer immediately.

4. Replace your RAM: -If you have a defective RAM your PC will suffer C0000218 Error and to avoid this error situation you need to change the RAM of your PC temporarily or permanently till the problem is solved.

5. Ensure the Hardware’s Compatibility: – If you don’t have a OS compatible hardware you definitely need to change it immediately to avoid any upcoming registry errors. Make sure to check the compatibility information check which is printed on the cover box of the device.

If you are unable to remove the C0000218 registry file failure error by following above mentioned steps then you should try the efficient tool for this.




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