How to Use Facebook to Get a Job?

facebook-PhoneSocial networking websites not just helps you get in touch with your friends but also helps in finding you your dream job. But, it comes with a condition that Facebook needs to be maintained professionally especially if your aim is to get a job. It would not make much of an impression on the employer when they see pictures of you partying wildly over the weekend! The most important thing is that your profile is on a website that has more than 300 million users and every user spends at least 20 minutes per day on Facebook.

So the question now is how can it help one find a job?

Networking: With many people using Facebook it can also be safely assumed that many of your prospective employers are also on it. This gives you an excellent opportunity to network with them. For example if you get to know that a particular company is hiring one get network with the hiring manager with the help of friends or common friends and then take it from there on towards getting that job.

Status Messages: Status message tells the world about your current situation. Helping others is human nature and when a message like looking for a job is posted not just friends but even friends of friends come forward to help. You will be surprised by the amount of support you receive. It is also important that the status message should be updated on a regular basis as just like helping others forgetting is also human tendency.

Marketplace: Facebook marketplace has a list of jobs which one can browse and apply for. One can also contact the person who is hiring directly. Though the Facebook marketplace is not as large as the others the advantage it has is that there would be less competition for the positions that are posted here as vacant.

Joining in active groups: There are many groups in Facebook that are dedicated to a particular topic of interest. These groups support their area of interest and all the members participate actively in it. One can join such groups based on their interest and also network with them. Such networking generally leads to getting good positions even before they are advertised because of the strong networking. But, joining these groups are only through invitation or after the approval of the moderator so, one should be sure that they are genuinely interested in the group activities and can be an active participant. If not networking would be difficult.

Ad posting campaign:  One can put an ad on Facebook and link the bio data to it. One has to be very careful while doing thing as they have to pay for every click. If people simply keep clicking on it then the amount you have to pay would increase but the chances of you getting the job would become less. But, this should be the last method for a person looking for a job.

Facebook would not be taking over LinkedIn or other job portals but it can be considered as one more means of reaching out the prospective employees and making them know what the potential is even before facing the actual interview. The other added advantage is one is sure to get tons of support and recos from their family and friends.



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