What happens if you have a Fuyin chart in Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Chart

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What happens if you have a Fuyin chart in your Bazi chart? In your destiny chart in Qi Men Dun Jia, if you do have this thing called the Fuyin chart, not too much, there are good things and also there are bad things happening in your chart. Of course if you are able to rectify the problem then you will be good. Sometimes we just focus on what is the best for this person and from there we can also mollify based on this Fuyin chart under Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi Destiny.

What is a Fuyin Chart in Bazi destiny chart?

Somebody who is very focused, who has a principle of doing things and at the same time, they would not be able to change their minds and because of that, they are not being easily influenced. They have their own thinking in whatever things they are doing. They believe that certain things are supposed to be done in a certain way.

The question is they have a very basic understanding of their principles, they are very focused. Because of that when they are doing things, they can complete and they always do things and focus on it. So if you talk about the relationship, business, job, this person is very focused. He will not persuade and move on to other places or go and look for somebody else. So he is a very trusted person. Of course we need to see the combination of other symbols in the palace itself.

In the context of the other people when they see a Fuyin chart person, of course they don’t know they are fuyin chart, in their eyes they say this person is very stubborn. In the person that is involved with a Fuyin chart person, they always say that ok, I’m very strong principled in doing things, I’m very determined to focus but in other people’s eyes, they are very stubborn. The question is everybody has a way of thinking but on the other side of thinking, you are really stubborn.

If this person is very focused, you can always do things and get things up and running. This is a very distinct advantage. But of course, having to say that when they focus on something, they will not change. So 5 years, 10 years,…still be the same.

In terms of evolution, with a lot of changes in terms of technology, life will change so we need to adapt and change accordingly. Or if you continue based on this Fuyin chart to be on your principles, then we have a situation, you are not able to grow, to prowess in life and you may be left out because of that. But if you are in industry, especially in the business or career, you need to be involved, to change, to adapt to the society environment then you have to slowly adapt and change. You can not based on your principles to do things any more, you have to learn how to adapt. Because automatically, your decision making will be slow, it is not easy to change but you need to learn how to change slowly regardless of whether you like it or not, it has to be like this because a Fuyin chart person is not easy to move, it is not easy to change their mind.

You also need to learn how to listen to other people. It means other people have a lot of advice but you have your own principles doing things, you always think that ok I know what I am doing. And because of that, do you really know what you are doing? Question is, is this really beneficial for you? Have more time to think what other people are saying, have an open mind and look at the facts and figure the information given to you. Don’t be too emotional about anything, just look at the information and it is good to benefit you and is it good to change, good to adapt.

Based on this formula, you can kind of improve your life by using this method. This is information about the Fuyin chart person. Good luck to you if you are a Fuyin chart person. Nothing wrong with a fuyin chart person, automatically it really depends on how you take advantage of what a Fuyin chart is about.

Thank you very much.

For more info on Fuyin chart , refer to https://dougleschan.com/qi-men-dun-jia/fanyin-chart-fuyin-chart/. Do you know some people compared Dougles Chan to Joey Yap Qimen?

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