What is Bing 丙 person in Qi Men Dun Jia | #qimen #qimendunjia #qmdj #metaphysic

Link youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N47iqN8fvgA

A Bing person apparently tells us that you’re somebody who is very sunny and you enjoy talking to people.

You’re going to bring a lot of shine and smile to other people beside you. So a Bing person is always somebody who is a star of the group. That means this person will always be happy and will always give a lot of smile, laughter. There will be a lot of friends that love to be with you, but of course this is going to be a situation whereby this person they are always in the timeline. That means usually more positive but having said that because they need to be attentive they need to attend to that mean they really want to save face. So we need to be mindful about the Bing person. We need to praise the person, and never say bad things about them at all. This kind of person is really good in such a way that they are able to bring the people together, they are able to lead the group itself but you should never step on she/he or they will be extremely angry about that.


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