What is Qi Men Dun Jia? What can I do with Qimen?

“What is Qi Men Dun Jia? What can I do with Qimen?” This is the concern of many people, especially those who are new to or do not know anything about this metaphysics. To understand that, the following article will briefly provide readers with the origin as well as the values that Qi Men Dun Jia can bring to people who know how to use it as a support tool in life.


Qimen is one of the three most respected and trusted metaphysics in China because of its accuracy and history of more than 5,000 years.

Going back in time, back to previous dynasties, Qi Men Dun Jia was only used by the Emperor and military generals to make important decisions. Because of its precise, magical nature, the commoners were forbidden to contact and learn about this sport because the Emperors and generals did not want them to use Qi Men Dun Jia to commit treason. Therefore, if someone learned how to use Qimen without permission, they would face the death penalty.


Qi Men Dun Jia is a tool to help you make decisions, do the right thing at the right time. Working the right way and at the right time makes a lot of difference, especially in certain areas like the stock market. If you buy a stock at the right time and on the right day, when the trend is up, you will make a profit by selling it at the right time and on the right day. On the contrary, if you do it wrong at the wrong time, as is the case with the stock market, you will suffer a huge loss. Thus, Qimen always directs users to the right decisions by suggesting the right actions at the right time. Of course, there are many ways to make the right decision besides choosing the right time, which we will explore more in the next articles.

Besides, this is a tool to help users come up with solutions for certain cases. For example, with the stock market or investment, if the situation starts to get worse, causing you to incur a large loss, from the Qi Men Dun Jia chart, you will be able to come up with solutions to improve them. Thus, Qimen not only provides answers to readers’ questions, but also suggests ways to solve problems in the best way.

The third value, Qi Men Dun Jia, is also very important. It is a tool that allows you to make better decisions. For example, when you’re married but you’re not sure if the marriage will start and go smoothly, you can always make a Qi Men Dun Jia chart. Make a chart and it will give you some indications of whether this marriage is going to be a good one. Of course, if you really want to move forward with this marriage despite the bad signs, Qimen can even tell you how to make this marriage so much better.

One of the other uses is that it can decipher the personalities or read the Bazi combined using Qi Men Dun Jia. You can decipher a person’s personality and abilities. For example, whether this person has good leadership ability, sales ability, good talking skills, good communication skills, etc. In addition, based on a person’s Qi Men Dun Jia chart, you can also know what is likely to happen in a person’s life, career, health, wealth, and marriage. The information that Qimen gives is much more accurate than many other ways of reading the Bazi. For example, in the usual way of reading the Bazi, the reader only uses 8 different variations to decipher a person’s life. However, in Qimen, the readers must use 64 variations to view the person’s life and journey. It is much more complex and precise. Many people have been surprised and impressed by Qi Men Dun Jia’s accuracy at times.

Next, Qi Men Dun Jia can help adjust Feng Shui to suit your own Five Elements. Qi Men Dun Jia, combined with Feng Shui, has existed for thousands of years. It helps you adjust, put away, or decorate with different colors in your home, office, or areas around you to bring out the best energy for you. This can help your career, health, finances, marriage, etc., become smoother.

Hopefully, through this article, you have at least somewhat understood more about the origin of Qi Men Dun Jia and the values that it brings to you. Stay tuned for the next articles to have a more in-depth look at this metaphysics subject!

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