What is the direct wealth in Qi Men Dun Jia?

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Direct wealth in Qi Men is a symbol representing direct wealth called the Life door. In terms of divination or in terms of destiny, life door is classified as a Direct Wealth.

In order to see the relationship of direct wealth in your destiny chart. You have to see the combination of your life door whether it’s a good combination of all the stars and the god, the stem itself and the palace and the stem plus stem combination whether anything is related to entering graves or the six punishments. A lot of layers need to be looked at and apparently if it’s a general overall good combination then your wealth in terms of direct wealth will be good. At the same time you have to see the particular palace between the palace and yourself in the day stem. It’s going to be clashing or it’s going to be in harmony or it’s a producing cycle. If it produces then it will be nice there will be a lot of good outcome from it. But if it’s clashing then apparently things will not go too well in your business if you’re doing business.

Direct wealth meaning equates to businesses that mean anything related to business that means you buy a product, you sell a product, you create a service you sell a service.. you do e-commerce at the end of the day you’re doing a business. That means you buy and sell a business and you do not receive a salary on this. If you’re receiving a salary then it’s a different story. That will not be classified as a direct wealth, ultimately if you’re earning strictly commission that means 100% commissions like insurance agent, property agent this are also classified as a direct wealth. If you want to invest in a stock market, forex and cryptocurrency that are not classified as direct wealth that are classified as indirect wealth.

Eventually we also need to pay a bit more attention to direct wealth itself if you work for somebody as a salary based. This is not direct wealth, this is under the job, a career. As long as you see your direct wealth in over all positive positions in terms of energy then as long as is producing either you produce the life door or life door produce you it will be good situation even if it is in harmony will be nice but in any situation if either you clash with the life door or the life door is clash you in term of palace to palace then apparently you will have a situation and which mean that technically you will not be so suitable to work for yourself that mean you can’t do business if you do business either you have a situation you don’t like it or you may not really make money in it.

That is all for the life door and direct wealth, thank you.

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