What will I do in 2022 thanks to Qi Men Dun Jia?

Since I started to know Mr. Dougles Chan, I have had very good plans and orientations for the near future. Mr. Dougles Chan gave an overview of the whole year 2022 as well as about the 12 zodiac signs and even gave advice on the first and second days of the upcoming Lunar New Year. In general, 2022 is a good year for Wood element, and I am in harmony with Wood, so I bought clothes in green and bought more small pots to keep indoors to increase the Wood element as well as help the house have more color and freshness. And Mr. Dougles Chan mentioned that the first half of 2022 will be better than the second half of the year, so I signed up for important subjects this semester and hope they go well. In addition to the advice not to invest in stocks or bitcoin exchanges, fortunately, at the end of 2021, I have an offer to join you, but I still lack in-depth knowledge, so I did not invest.In addition, I also share with my family and friends his general prediction so that everyone can arrange important plans such as weddings, investments in the first half of the year to look forward to a smooth and successful 2022. For myself, I am the Year of the Horse, Mr. Dougles Chan also advised adding the element of Metal to life, so in addition to the color of Wood, my wardrobe also has a lot of white and gray colors as well as jewelry. Silver and metal are also invested by me. In addition, I also have a younger sister in the year of the Roo

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