Why you should not go to a casino using Qi Men | #qimen #qimendunjia #qmdj #metaphysic

Link youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDW_f2CQnSw

There are a lot of people based on the Qi Men skill formula to use it in the casino and try to make money. This Qi Men can help you to choose a specific day and time and direction. When you are doing things you may get the best energy so maybe you can win the casino. But we also need to know that the universe is really fair. The thing about making money in a casino is if the person doing it doesn’t have the destiny to earn that money from the casino, eventually the money they get will go somewhere else. You can cheat the systems but when you do it you get money from the casino and at the end all the money is still gonna go somewhere else.

The cycle is actually very fair, you must understand that everything goes in cycles. If the money does not belong to you please never go and use Qi Men to make money from the casino.

One girl asked me that, the next day at 11am it’s her lucky day and she can make money at that specific time. She asked me what is the best direction to be profitable and I gave her the answer without knowing that she would go to the casino. The next day she used all the skill and the good directions to make money in the casino but in the end she lost all the money. After that she came and met me and asked why she lost all the money.

But you have to know that if the money doesn’t belong to you at the end it’s going somewhere else. You have to see if your destiny chart tells you that you have the affinity to making money in the casino or not, otherwise you will lose all the money no matter how much is made.

That is why you should not use Qi Men to go to the casino, because there will be a lot of things you need to be considered about.


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