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A Wu person stands for a solid mountain. You can imagine there is a big mountain in front of you and this mountain will never move. That means it is as solid as a mountain. What does it really represent?

A mountain is something that doesn’t move so it also stands for this person can be extremely stubborn. Which also means that this person if you want him/her to change it’s will be very difficult. Or if you want them to change then you will need to wait for a long time for he/she to change from one place to another place which means that anything you want to move or change he/she opinions it will take a long time. Even if you want him/her to change to adapt to certain new ideas, it will take some time for this person to change.

However being a rock mountain this person can be reliable, honest and also can be very dependent on. That means if you want to ask him/her to do something they will be able to help you and from that you can accomplish the task for you.

So this Wu itself, this stem which is a Wu, also represents wealth, money. So generally speaking this person should have some money that means they will be kind of wealthy, rich and will have money with them.

But of course having said that we also have to be a bit more particular about the day stem or some of the combinations within the palace itself under these nine trigrams. We need to see the combination and to see the money itself whether any emptiness, whether they go to any situation itself or whether in highest relationship with the money itself. Is there in harmony or clash.

So it’s not just about looking at the Wu itself whether it got money this one is more general. But if you want to see a person who is more precise we are able to see based on the index of their day chart itself and other relationships related to money.

A Wu person generally is reliable, honest, slow in changing and of course they are stubborn and they will try very hard to change what they are doing. It will take them a while if they choose to change.


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