You don’t have to please everyone, the 1/3 Theory

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The 1/3 theory. Do you know that this 1/3 theory can actually make your life even better. So, what does this 1/3 theory stand for? Remember that in life, in terms of relationships or people, there are always people that like you. There are always people who don’t like you, so why do I actually share this information? Remember this in life, there’s always somebody who likes you, and 1/3 of them will like you. They will admire you, they will love you, they will like you, they will agree with whatever things that you like to do. But there will be another 1/3 that will hate you. They won’t like you, and they will do a lot of funny, funny things that will actually hinder your progress. Then there’s another 1/3 that doesn’t really care whether you do it on social media, how you interact with people, they don’t really care, so this will be the one that is more neutral. 

What is so important about this 1/3 theory is this. Focus all your time and energy on the first 1/3 that likes you, that agrees with you and they welcome you. From there, you’re able to excel further in life, but if you want to spend all your time trying to please everyone whereby it’s the one third that likes you and the 1/3 that don’t like you and the one that that has the neutral then from there you’ll be wasting a lot of energy. So, always focus your time on 1/3 of the people that like you, and then from there you will be more successful, you’ll have more rewards, and you’ll have less frustration in terms of life, and you’ll be happier as a person. That’s all for this 1/3 theory.

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