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10 SEO Mistakes By Recruitment Agencies.

An SEO developer for recruitment agencies should possess some amount of knowledge in order to make the website of his client in recruitment agencies effective. If they do not have sufficient knowledge in SEO and the recruitment agencies, then the chances are that they would cause more harm than good to the client.

Let us now look at ten ways in which SEO can go wrong:

1. The most common issue with the armature SEO experts would be using the wrong keywords in recruitment agencies. One should realize that there is extremely tough competition out there and even a small mistake would cost a lot. For good SEO for the agencies, it is important to have the right keywords if not there is no point in doing SEO. Many beginners fail to do proper research regarding the keywords and use those which are not even ranked. This leads to failure of SEO.

2. Many SEO experts also fail to pay attention to the tags in the website for the agencies. Many leave it empty hence leading to a bad SEO. Tags are extremely important for the search engines.

3. Using Flash without HTML is another commonly made mistake by the SEO experts. It is not a very positive thing in the first place to use Flash in the websites. The main reason for this people find it time consuming and even the search engines would not be able to read Flash. So, using Flash is just a waste of time and would not help SEO in anyway.

4. The chances of Java Scripts being noticed by the search engine are also not very usual so, one should not rely on it. A site map should be created which enables the search engines to crawl the website. One must be aware that the search engines are not building the web pages based in the Java Scripts.

5. SEO experts also make the mistake of concentrating too much on meta-tags. This leads to the websites losing their rankings as the algorithm of the search engines keeps changing and using meta-tags is no longer prevalent by them.

6. Another mistake made by the SEO expert is making the title of the page an image. One should note that the title should always be text and not an image. The search engines generally does not crawl images and thus making the website losing out its position in the web world.

7. The website should be built and then according to the service the SEO should be built. Some people make the mistake of going the other way round thus leading to the failure of SEO.Not Ongoing SEO

8. Another mistake is that after the initial SEO is done for the website no further optimization is done. But, it is important to realize that SEO is an ongoing process and according to the change in the search engines algorithm (which is not possible to know) one must keep doing SEO. Only then will it be helpful for the website.

9. Though proper SEO is done on the website, excessive spamming also leads to its failure. Spamming especially through back links is very harmful for the website.

10. Keyword Stuffing. Use of keywords is important for SEO but it should not happen that keywords are overused. The keywords used should be only those which are highly ranked or else they would not help in anyway. If the keyword is “Recruitment agencies” Having 20-50 same phase under “Recruitment agencies” will not be very friendly to Google!

Hope these simple tips will help the agencies to get further in their SEO marketing.