Best SEO Services for SME Singapore by Top SEO Consultant

SEO Services for $75 monthly! Yes, that is correct, it is so cheap that many people will not believe it. At $75 per month, you will enjoy quality SEO services for 5 keywords from the top SEO consultant in Singapore. Our purpose is to make the SEO services very affordable so that they will be able to focus on their business and generate more customers.

The Truth about Cheap SEO Services in Singapore

Well, we don’t like the word CHEAP SEO SERVICES, lets call it affordable.. but you may ask, how and why can we make the SEO Services so affordable without compromising the quality of the SEO Services to SME in Singapore.

Here are the things we did to cut down all the unnecessary cost:

  • We cut down the middleman, which means we are the direct company that does the entire process of SEO, there are many people looking for SEO reseller, check out SEO reseller in Singapore under Google and you will realized that you are paying a higher price because there are many parties involved.
  • We cut down the rental entirely. Yes, we do not own a physical office in Singapore, we cut it down so that it will transfer the saving to our SEO clients. Pure business logic, and of course companies who only like to work with SEO agencies that has a big office, well, they will be paying a premium on the SEO services.
  • We cut down on the signup process, you will be able to sign up the package online so that you will not need to go through meetings after meetings, hence saving alot of manhours.
  • Our SEO specialist are working from home and based on the project basis. We employed our SEO guys and gals and pay them when there is an SEO task to do, hence, saving on the cost of employing many full-time SEO executives.
  • We cut down the SEO consultation process, saving the time and effort for manhours. (We will take it that you already knows what is SEO and how to choose SEO keyword.)

Quality SEO Services Assurances

  • We already own and run multiple high domain authority websites, hence, when a new client comes in, we will create direct and indirect backlinks to the clients website. This will boost up the ranking very fast as it is a trustworthy backlink from a few established high authority websites.
  • We create multiple different types of SEO process so that the ranking will be progressively improved with white hat SEO techniques.
  • We are able to use the least resources to rank a website high up without going through the traditional way of doing SEO.
  • All SEO projects are project managed by our top people and all the white hat SEO activities are done in-house by out SEO executives.
  • All the SEO executives and SEO consultants are personally trained by the SEO Master who has over 20 years in the SEO process.