21 Ways To Brand A Feng Shui Master


Branding For Feng Shui Master & Feng Shui Consultancy

About 95% of the  Feng Shui Master all over the world are not branding their Feng Shui Consultancy, it is very important to let your clients and candidates know WHO you are, WHAT you are and WHAT you are GOOD in doing.

That is call market positioning.

You will need to position yourself in such a way that the clients will NOT perceive you to be another one of the same same Feng Shui Master out there….

If you are perceived to be another one of those, you will be treated like one of those, what will happen in the end.

My point is this – Do not be another SAME SAME Bazi Reading provider or  Feng Shui Master out there…


Hence, you need to position yourself out of the rest of them; you will need to really brand yourself. Even though your current company may not have the facilities to allow you to do so, there are so many platforms available in the internet that allows you to start to make some names for yourself.

It is extremely important that your Feng Shui Consultancy needs to brand itself aggressively because the competition is extremely stiff out there.

If you are not able to position your Feng Shui Master to a level higher than your competitors, the possibility of losing your existing clients will be very high, and in addition, the fact is that the potential new clients will NEVER bother to entertain you at all if you do not have a certain brand.

Here is the key factor why branding is extremely important to your Feng Shui Consultancy – The better the branding of your company, the higher the level of your client and the more sales figures you will have.

To brand your company you will need to do the following simple steps:

Online Branding Is Different From Offline Branding

Throughout my 25 years of running business over 10 companies and helping over hundreds of clients in their sales, marketing and branding, ONE of the most important thing about Marketing is ONLINE BRANDING.

In this era, the methods of branding has changed so much and it is NOT just about have a good logo, a great tagline, having a perfect content, suitable fonts, spacing, designs or just good color combinations.

Online branding is way different than offline branding.

It is a different ball game. It is a different class. You cannot use the same methods in offline branding on online branding. (Although some may overlap)

If you would like to have a logo identity, have a simple, yet carefully designed logo that represents your Feng Shui Master identity. Have a great website that is designed by a top professional, need not have to be expensive as there are many available good one at upworks.

As mentioned again, online branding is very different from offline branding.

Online Branding Without Marketing (Advertising) Will Get You Nowhere

At least 90% of the people and companies had spend alot of time and resources creating a good brand, paying huge money to the branding agencies and designers.

However, they do no put in alot of time, energy and money into marketing.

Eventually, their brand fallen and disappear without anyone knowing their brand exist in the online world.

The ratio of 80/20 need to be followed:

If you were to use 20% of your time on branding, then 80% of your time ought to be on marketing.

If you spend $2 on branding, then you have to spend $8 on marketing.

Online Branding without Marketing is like having a beautiful shop with no walk-in customers Dougles Chan

Creating An Online Identity Is The Key

You can have the best logo, best website and the best content writer to write an awesome content, but without an Online Identity, you will have ZERO online branding

What is an Online Identity ?

It is basically your character or a combination of character of who you are, what you are and what you will do as a whole.

Take for example, people who are my Facebook friends, knows that I always likes to post jokes, funny stuff, black humour and videos that are funny.

That will be my online identity, and friends will know me very much as an expert in online marketing and branding, a sincere coach and a personal mentor.

More importantly, potential customers regularly message me wanting to enquire about my services without me doing MUCH advertisements.

Choose a tag-line on how people what to REMEMBER you, for example:

For example, I do not want people to know I am a Feng Shui Master, I renamed myself as Qimen Master, there are so few Qimen Master compared to Feng Shui Master.

The idea is this, the more unique the name is, the more people will remember YOU.

Simple and sweet. Nothing to brag about and let us move on to the next point.

A successful online branding happens when there are organic followers following you consistently, trusting you and buying from YOU regularly without advertisements. Dougles Chan

Focus On ONE Platform First

Whether you are using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media platform, what is important is that when you first started, you need to FOCUS.

FOCUS will be very important at the very beginning, of course, which platform to start will be critical depending on your product, services and a few other factors to consider.

Update your company profile, with your personal profile or company profile with a great profile photo taken by a professional photographer. (I may recommend you to get a professional makeup artist to assist you so that you will have a good public image).

Once you choose the platform you want to FOCUS, put all your time, energy and effort on that ONE platform only. Remember to constantly update your social media accounts so that it keeps the public aware that your company is always present.

Do not spend your effort duplicating the same effort on other platform as each platform character and demographic is different.

Generate the result using ONE platform first. And when you want to move on to another platform, you can start to explore.

Story Telling May Not Work

Many online expert will tell you to write good stories that is long and impactful, this may not work, seriously. It also depends on who are the audiences.

If you use the same methods on different social media platform will yield difference results, who are the audiences that are following you will also make the differences whether they love story telling.

Some people prefer photos, some people prefer videos, some people prefer a combination of both.

Bottom line is know who are your audiences, give them what they want and they will be happy. Happy fans equates possible clients

Word Of Mouth Branding Using Online

When you have a fan that LOVES you, why not motivate them by asking them to refer their family members, friends or Facebook friends to you?

Give them an incentives such as free gifts, a certain percentage discount or something they might love.

This way, you will be able to grow your fans faster and build a better online branding.

Put Plenty Of Focus On SEO

Whether you are doing SEO for your website or getting an SEO expert to help you, you will need to start doing it since DAY 1 when you start your website.

Even though the content may not be ready, just start the ball rolling, no matter hope small an effort of SEO it will be; It will help.

Focus on the keywords you would like to do and start doing it. As it takes time for Google to rank your website to a decent position hence, the earlier you start, the faster you will get organic traffic.

My website is generating at least 1 million visitors per year basing on specific range of keywords, it is generating so much traffic that it is getting more leads and sales compared to many years ago when I was doing traditional marketing.

I am not trying to impress you by sharing with you but letting you know that it works very well.

SEO works very well when you do the correct method. Do not worry about the cost of SEO, you can do it yourself, outsource to an affordable SEO expert in other country and you will be able to yield a good return in a short period.

When I said short period, we are looking at least 6 months.

Do take note that SEO is a huge topic and it is always updating from Google, hence it is important to always update your methods of SEO.

You must create a blog in your website to create constant interaction with visitors.

Dougles Chan

Blogging using Your Website

Write articles and information related to Feng Shui, Bazi Reading, and 5 elements Feng Shui in your blog, write about 2-5 times per week if possible, anything less than 1 time per week will be meant that you will have plenty of “lost” visitors, when you write information and articles related to your industry, you will indirectly show and tell people that you are the authority of that particular field.

Another method is to write lesser article but each article should be at least 2,500 to 4,000 words….

Putting Photos in Your Feng Shui and Bazi Website

Put plenty of group photos in your blog or pages, your blog readers love to see YOU in person, any group photo will help to build trust and reliability.

Trust equates to branding. You can also duplicate this process in your social media accounts.

Combined SEO Plus Email Marketing

When you have millions of visitors to your website, the next best thing to do is to collect the visitors email address when possible, this will allows you to email the LIST and keep updating them on new are regular content. If you prefer not to use email marketing, you can always put your social media profile so that people can add you as a friend or followers.

If you notice, I have put all my social media profile in the website, feel free to add me as friend and say HELLO!

Traffic without appropriate action is a wasted traffic.

Consistency Is Important

Under normal situation, whatever you are doing online should be consistent. In terms of color, layout, logo, how you express yourself online and the types of things you are showing to the public, the services and product you are selling.

It should be as consistent as far as NORMAL is concern.

Under no circumstance you should change the way or methods unless the entire economy collapse such as the COVID19 or the stock market crash where certain industry had to be disappeared because of external factors.

Give It Time To Grow

Remember that online branding for Feng Shui master takes some time, if you need to get results in terms of sales immediately, I may suggest that you should not be going for online branding at all.

Use pay-per-click ads if you are looking for immediate results.

Easily it may take months or even years to grow organically using online, however, it will be an exponential curve once you reach a certain threshold point.

Once you read a decent point of online branding, there will be people following you, accepting who you are and what you are doing, and some will buy from you without you asking at all.

Give Your Branding A Timeline

It is important that your branding process are given a timeline, for example, 2 years or 36 months.

Be as specific as possible so that you will be able to see how much and how far you have achieved within the specific period.

You can also set your target based on different timeline, for example, every 3 months, every 6 months, you would like to achieve specific number, such as how many followers, how many FANS or how many LIKES per post.

In this way, you will be able to have a rough idea on whether your targets are reaching or still far away from  your goals.

Once you have reach your final timeline and if you are not able to reach the target you are looking for, you will have to decide whether your approach is correct, your product or services, are they popular enough to gather your required target and you will need to decide whether you should change your approach or change your products or services.

Uniquely You!

Remember that FANS and FOLLOWERS adore you because they like what they are seeing, hence, always be YOURSELF rather than just copying from another competitor.

Being UNQUE will always gets you FURTHER compared to copying from someone.

I have seen many individuals and companies copying from others are trying to promote a brand and gather more sales.

Many were successful at the very beginning but after some time, their branding get stale and people start moving to somewhere else.

Hence, always remember to be yourself. Not copying from another.

Choose A Lesser Competitions Focus Within YOUR Industry

Given a choice, you should focus on a very narrow NICHE so that you will be perceived to be the EXPERT of the field.

Clients love people who are specialised and pays more for expert services.

Watch Out For Unfriendly Zone

In the process of the online branding, it is necessary to note that not EVERYONE will LIKE you and there will be a group of people that will not LIKE you.

Instead, some of them will be nasty to you and may treat you nastily, this is pretty normal.

Bearing in mind that this is part of the online branding process, if you see all the Youtube videos, you will notice that even the most popular video got people that DISLIKE it.

Hence it is important to take note of what is happening in the online world.

You can check out what is indexing in the Google such as using Google Alert to see which website is mentioning about your brand.

Using this will be able to see what is really happening in the online branding process and you will be able to rectify any potential problems that might happen.

However, do not be too involved in this as your ultimate aim is to have a good brand and good image.

BAD Branding is not BRANDING

POSITIVE Branding is real BRANDING

The Number Of FANS You Have

Previously, many brands are crazy about have a HUGE number of followers and FANS and would like to make their social media accounts FILLED with plenty of FANS and followers.

And many resort to BUYING followers and FANS.

This is WRONG… Very wrong.

I used to have many FANS, yes…I bought them or even used Facebook Ads to invite LIKES but I realised one important FACT…

It will get me nowhere…

After that I discovered that it is much better to have ORGANIC fans and followers which they really adore and love you.

When you make an announcement in your social media page, they will react.

But when you talked to PAID fans, they will not react.

Hence, lesson learned. Get REAL fans and followers.

It makes REAL BRANDING, not fake branding.

Giving Extreme Great Value To Your Readers

If you notice, in this SINGLE Page related to Feng Shui consultancy branding. I am giving you plenty of POINTERS related to Feng shui and Bazi reading service branding, and many of them are my practical experiences and not just copy and SPIN from another website.

I am creating UNIQUELY ME icon and at the same time, giving you plenty of value and tips on online branding where you are searching for.

More importantly, there tips are actionable, workable and valuable.

This gives you plenty of GREAT values where you can use for your product and services.

Gather Testimonials

Get testimonials from your clients and candidates, put their pictures and contacts when possible, it will add a lot of weight and social proof.


Go for awards that make your Feng Shui consultancy shines.

Many awards are easily obtainable when you are able to follow some processes and sometimes, paying the extra fees may get the job done by buying certain advertisement space or sponsoring certain events. (Take note that this process can be an expensive game)

Happy Employees

Ensure that your employees love your company, make sure the priority to make your staff happy is the number one goal. Make your sales target your number two priority. Reduce your company reporting process to as few as possible so that everyone will feel that they are not so distant from the boss of the company.

Giving Public Talks, Seminars Or Zoom Talks

Give public talks, attend public networking events, and let the public know your  Feng Shui Master Consultancy exists. This allows the public to get to know you in person and they are able to SEE you personally and “Feel” you. This will definitely create trust between the clients, candidates and yourself.

Self Branding

Donate some of the company profits to charity, and don’t let people know you are doing it. This branding is within yourself and not for the public to see. This is a higher level of branding.

Enjoy the process, if you are doing the whole branding process and you are not enjoying it, I may suggest you do something that you like to do and get someone who is able to help you do the work for you.

Branding is an expensive game and the process must be done from day one of your business.

Once you have started the branding, you will need to start to put aside a percentage of funds in that area.

The biggest brand for Feng Shui Master will hold a firm and great market presence and will dominate the market in the long run, since branding is the easiest method to generate a lot of sales for the company.

If you were to approach your online branding using this methods above, not only you will impress your potential fans and potential customers, you set yourself apart from the rest of the competitors.

Eventually, you will WIN this online branding game.

To Your Branding and Business Success

Dougles Chan – The Qimen Master   

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