3 Secrets That You Should Know About a Headhunter Job

Jobseekers turn to headhunters for help. Companies who are in need of talent turn to headhunters to fill their job vacancies. Nowadays, headhunters are the most sought after individuals in the industries. They have the connections, the skill and the huge candidate and client database that no one does. You expect them to do well and give you great options. But there are just some things that you just don’t know about them.

There is just so much expectation on headhunters that people tend to forget that they are individuals, too, who are simply doing their job, just like everyone else. If you’re one of them, we’ve listed down some things you should know about headhunters and their jobs.

3 Secrets You Should Know About Headhunters

Not everyone has a background in human resource. I can be working at a desk job and the next thing is you know, I’ve decided to jump into the headhunting profession. If you ask any headhunter you know, you’ll be surprised that they have a colorful history and it’s nothing related to recruitment and human resource. The fact is anyone can be a headhunter regardless of college degrees and job history.

You can be the best in your field but a lousy headhunter or you can also be the worse in your current job but ace your profession in headhunting. It’s all about the skills and the connections. If you’re good in selling your services and establish that connection with so many people out there then, you’re in for the long run. If you can build that trust and confidence in both your clients and candidates for that job then, you’re a good headhunter.

Resumes are used to screen people out. Fresh graduates and professionals are always looking for their next big break, for that job opening that will land them a spot in their dream company. They give out their resumes to so many headhunters. Imagine the pile of resumes headhunters would receive each day. With that much, they need to shortlist a set of candidates that are good enough to match the needs of the companies.

They don’t go through that pile and pick out what they think is the best of the crop. Can you imagine doing that for every client? No one does that. Clients want good candidates and they want it fast. So headhunters have to pick out what they deemed are good enough. They pick a resume, scan the credentials and think if you have the potential. If there’s even one thing they deemed unsuitable for them to represent you then, off the list you go.

They screen people for the companies not the other way around. The common misconception is that headhunters search through the job list to get their candidates their dream job.

That is so untrue. The truth is, the companies hire them to look for candidates that would fit their job openings. Even if they want to represent you, that’s just because they’re building their database to present to their client once a job order comes in. Why? Clients pay for their services. You don’t. Even if they’ll get a commission based on your salary. That’s still being paid by the companies.

Article provided by Dougles Chan – Recruitment Business Coach, who create a 360 Recruitment System that teaches you how to start a recruitment agency that is profitable.