4 Types of SEO Price Singapore

SEO pricing is Singapore

. Hi. My name is Dougles Chan. I’m the SEO Master Shifu today. I’m going to show you the four kind of pricing in Singapore in this SEO.

So how do the SEO agency a charge Q in terms of the SEO price and is expensive or SEO services.

So first method of pricing is based on retainer basis weekly basis means that every month charge you a fee varies from Dollars all the way to about $2,000 a month, depending on how many keywords you choose.

Of course the price may vary from country to Country. Let’s say you wouldn’t get somebody in other places like India Philippines.

It may not be fired others of in a month. Of course, they are able agency with each other to quarterly half-yearly or yearly fees and give you a discount basing on the total understand that you came and to be honest. You can be may not be actually very cheap and you can be very expensive for some people especially for businesses or website in this case. So second way the SEO agency will charge you or even individually some SEO expert will do give you like a consultation fee based on our presentation or basing on every month the judge residency.

And when I say consultation in that they tell you how To do and what to do and you will do all the things itself. Of course. Generally this will be more cheaper in comparatively to begin a basis whether you pay every month sometimes consultation between can be very one off or you can do one month or two month basis, depending on how is your point? So the Third Way of SEO prices is actually based on profit and sales basis.

When does it profit and sales business meaning that the SUV agency or the individual with Excel expert or consultant will do the SEO campaign with you and they will charge you based on the certain to G as the percentage of your total sales and your total revenue or profit depending on how is actually being a rich so which means that sometimes you don’t really have to pee. You only pay based on the target.

Seals on target profit and of course not helping agency will be able to do that because most of them they prefer to receive a price Revenue up front for your services and forth way of SEO prices intend to give you a certificate that means Based on the specific Target when they reach a certain Target like your new region top tree or the top five on the first page.

They will charge you based on that. Now, of course eventually the price of this may differ depending on the price and competitiveness of the key word itself. So these are the four ways of SEO prices in Singapore. So if you have any questions regarding this as soon Let me know or you can subscribe to them video. And then from there you can receive more information related to SEO. Thank you very much.