5 Proven Methods to Generate Clients for Recruiters Automatically

One of the major problems for recruiters is that many of them are having a hard time generating enough clients for themselves, and without enough clients, most of them will not be able to hit the KPI set by the company they are working with.
Many of them are being told to call potential clients and solicit for clients. The major problem is by using this traditional method, you will be fighting with at least 20-50 potential competitors in the same industry EVERYDAY.
How do you imagine the potential client will feel, having 20-50 calls from recruiters every single working day!
Not good is it?
My point is that most of the time, you will be unlikely to generate good clients via the phone.
In this modern era, you will need to really make a difference to generate clients, and not just “push” to get new clients.
You will also need to use the “pull” factors to attract clients for yourself. By using the “pull” factor, not only will you do less work, but you will also be able to attract new clients, and they will be the ones wanting to do business with you instead of you begging for their business.
Here’s what you need to do to generate more clients AUTOMATICALLY:

1) Be Popular

You will need to let the public know of your existence, with the standard requirements of being involved in social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media.
You will also need to have your own blog and write articles about your specialized field. By having a blog, you will be able to interact with more people and will be perceived to be more knowledgeable.
One thing you need to remember is that if you are using a blog, you must NEVER use a free blog service—you should be using your own domain name, such as the one I have at http://www.dougleschan.com instead of a WordPress or Blogspot. The reason is very simple – It is all about branding.

2) Create Your Own Brand

Whether you are working for others or working for yourself, as a recruiter, you will need to really position yourself to be that special one and brand yourself so that people will be willing to give you their business. Some of the things you need to have and do to create a good brand include:
a)      Create your own URL that is memorable.
b)      Have your own logo.
c)      Create a tag line for yourself, such as “The Oily Recruiter” or “ The Hunter that Never Sleeps.” Apparently you can create many different tag lines, but most important, it must be simple and relevant to what you are doing.
d)     Have an impressive website; ensure you put this as your priority and let the professional web designer do the job. If you are not into web design, please do not do it yourself (DIY); trying to save a few dollars will ruin your branding and image.
e)      Write articles at least once a week.
f)       Have a great business card.
g)      Link your entire social network to your website.
h)      Interact frequently with your network.

3) Be Specialised in Your Own Industry

Many recruiters fail to realize that when they are not specialized in a specific industry, they are actually competing with many more thousands of recruiters out there, and as such, their chances of generating more clients will be far less than if you are to specialize in one or two industries.
Let’s look it from another direction, if you are having a tooth ache that is bugging you, do you go to a specialist, or to your local doctor that treats every illness? Obvious isn’t it? It is the same in the recruitment industry.

4) Make Google Your Friend 

Many people use Google. Correction, most people use Google to search. Hence, if you are not into it yet, perhaps you need to take a good look on how it can really benefit you. Some of the functions you can use are the following:
a)      Google News – You can submit your blog articles and news to Google news. In the event it is picked up by them, your website will be potentially filled with plenty of traffic and even clients.
b)      Search Engine Optimisation – This will be the killer. If you are actively pushing your website to the search engine with original and great articles, your web page will be listed in the search engine, and if it is very popular, then it can be even on the first page and it can generate tons of potential clients. On my website, there are thousands of people visiting it and at least 80% of them comes from Google Search Engine itself!
c)      Google Adwords – This is a simple advertisement platform available for you to post advertisements about your services. The advantage of this is that it is based on pay-per-click, hence you will only pay only when people click on it. This can be costly in the long term if you are not careful, but it can also generate good clients if you know your game in this.

5) Give Free Public Talks

Regardless of which industry you are specialized in, you will be able to give free talks on specific topics that will interest the potential clients.
Pick a topic that you think the potential clients will be interested in and invite them to the talks or workshops.
This way, you will build trust and credentials, especially those potential clients do not know who you are.
The chances are that you will be able to get a few good clients with this approach.
Hope that these strategies will help you to secure more clients. Cheers!