5 Website Tips for Feng Shui Master in Singapore

Are you a feng shui master in Singapore that would like to generate more customers for your feng shui Bazi, qi men dun jia, Analysis and calculating bazi reading services, one of the more important things about marketing is to ensure your website for your feng shui services is good, presentable and stable.

Here are 5 website tips for your Feng Shui website

1) Focus

To be a very successful feng shui master in Singapore, you will need to be very focused.

When I mentioned focus, meaning that you should not be doing too many things at one time, many Feng Shui master actually learn too many skillset and provide too many of them at the same time, although it maybe good providing a comprehensive services, it is actually not good in the eyes of marketing prospective.

For example, when you are doing Feng Shui services, you should not be doing Bazi, or even give 奇门遁甲 Qimen Dunjia courses also, you are giving mixed signals to the public. If you are doing services, stick to it, and you should not doing courses at all.

2) Gather Testimonials

Have plenty of testimonials on your website, if it is in the video, it will be best, gather from your existing or past clients when possible. If there are too many testimonials, put all the testimonials in another SINGLE page or at the front page.

3) Check your loading speed

When you surf your own website, make sure it is user-friendly and the speed is loading fast, remember that if your website is slow in loading, likely they will leave the wedding videography website before they actually see your website. You can check your website loading speed over here. They will also provide insights on how to make your website speed faster.

4) Contact Methods to Your Feng shui Services

In your website subpages, you will need to have multiple pages related to feng shui services, the rates, testimonials, etc. For each page, you will need to create a contact form that allows people to send in their inquiries, to ensure the pages have a what apps button for easy contact, a telephone number will be useful too. Use only the form, whatsapps and telephone number only. No other methods to be added as it will make the website and webpages very complex.

5. The 5 Elements

Use the feng shui 5 elements to your advantages too, check your element and see what color, font and shapes are able to produce you, if you are in this trade, you should be using this to your advantage too. Customers may not understand but it is a good story to tell in your website.

Here you go, 5 simple tips for your Feng Shui master website.