6 Proven Ways to Generate New Clients for Recruitment Agency

What to get more clients for your recruitment agency? Here are some practical tips that really works.
I have compiled 6 proven ways to get new clients for recruitment agency, all of them had been used and tested during my many years of advising clients and training recruitment consultants.
Here goes….
1) Cold Calling – obvious this is what everyone knows but to do this effectively you will need to identify a weakness in the clients profile and company so that you know what do they really need. If you were to call them without being well prepared, you will definitely get a NO for an answer. Do not ask whether they have any recruitment need, do not tell them you will send them your profile, it just does not work that way.
When I posted any advertisement, I received at least 10 calls everyday from recruitment agency, all of them do not last more than 30 seconds and I said NO to them. Question is, what makes you so special that the other party is willing to talk to you for over 2 minutes? Find the answer and you will solve the puzzle.
2) Use Twitter – If you have yet to venture into twitter, it is a totally untapped market and you will be surprised how you can add friends and communicate with potential clients using twitter itself. I get to know many friends and in turn many of them become my clients because we have something similar (We used Twitter) somehow there is a certain bond when 2 twitter friends send direct message to each other. You can always use the free twitter software Tweetdeck and manage your twitter account from your desktop without logging in and out of Twitter. You can also use a automated twitter software to manage further with multiple accounts so that you can expand your network much faster than a normal twitter follower.
3) Use Linkedin – Well the concept is the same as above when you get connected with people, the difference is that it gets one level higher because most BIG clients will come from Linkedin as it is a social network where the BIG boys LINK together. Join Linkedin today and build your profile and join as many group as possible where you think you want to penetrate. You will not go wrong from joining Linkedin.
4) Using Email Marketing – Ha!! This is my favorite because I have used this over 20 years and it is still working, many people in the internet said it is dead….yes it is truth, because they use it the wrong way, they keep promoting their products and services and bombard the list with offers after offers….the email user will feel offended and turn nasty. There is a way where you can use email marketing to your advantage.
5) Trade shows and exhibitions – Yes, it will be a great place to build your network because these are where all the companies that are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to exhibits their products and services. Go to any trade show that have more than 100 exhibitors and spend the time to throw in your business card in every booth, collect all the business cards in EVERY booth and talk to the people in the exhibition. It may be tiring to do it but it is worth the while.
6) PPR which stands for Pay-Per-Referral, it is a method that I have taught the new recruitment agency owner to use when they are low in budget and does not have much manpower to do the marketing. What it does it that you connect to those people who like to do freelance or part-timer who would like to work at their own pace and offer them a deal like if they were to refer a client, you will reward them with a certain introduction fee. Also you can also pay them a successful fee if there is a deal close from their referral. You can have either one of it or combined them as a package. Trust me, there are thousands of people out there would LOVE to be your referral, as long as you pay well and on time. I have build thousands of such freelancers and they have helped my recruitment business leaping from ZERO to Quarter Million sales in less than 3-6 months.