Qi Men Dun Jia – 9 Stars 奇门遁甲 Explained In Details

Define Qi men Dun Jia, The 9 Stars

Qi Men Dun Jia – 9 Stars is defined as the the timing of doing the right things and with the universal energy surrounding the application in Qi Men Dun Jia. The nine starts are Tian Peng Star (Bandit Star) 天蓬星, Tian Rui Star – 天芮星, Tian Cheong Star- 天冲星, Tian Fu Star- 天辅星, Tian Ren Star – 天任星, Tian Xing Star – 天心星, Tian Zhu Star – 天柱星, Tian Ying Star – 天英星, Tian Qin Star 天禽星.

In this article we will share some briefing related to Qi Men Dun Jia 9 Stars.

Bandit Star 天蓬星 (Tian Peng Xing)

Element – Water. Not a great star to be with. A negative star. In the world of Qi Men, it is called a bandit star. When you see this star around, it means that you will lose BIG money, whether it is based on investment, business or other matter, meaning that the money will be “transfer” to somewhere else. If you see this star in marriage situation and the marriage is far away, it is not a good sign. Not suitable for moving.

If you see Tian Peng Star 天蓬星 combined with 生门 and 丙奇,丁奇, then it is okay. Easily get ill, not suitable for moving, travelling, doing business, investment. Character wise, very brave, risk taker, very smart, likely to work secretly/low profile. If the person of Tian Peng Star 天蓬星 will have the capacity to do very big business, good leadership quality. May loves to flirt around. Intelligence. Someone with great wisdom. Represents huge monetary or wealth lost. Robber, murderer, corrupt person.– Loves to eat, drink, fat, Lustful or lecherous & Greedy. Highly capable with leadership qualities, marshal. When you earn $100, will used $80. Don’t bother about small things. When in good time, the speed of going up is very fast, when this are going down, it can go down very fast too. Good become very good, bad become very bad. Extremely brave. loyal. rush. A double edge sword. Usually will not last long. Feng shui prospective, fat, elephant, pig, water plants. Bad temper, straight forward. When you see Tian Peng Star 天蓬星, can also mean dangerous or unlawful. It is also known as 贪狼星.

Problem Star, 天芮星 (Tian Rui Xing)

Earth Element – A star of metaphysics, religion, spiritual. A star of health. When doing Qimen Divination, this star is the main references for all major health related situation. Generally, is not a good star to associate with. Represents major illness, disease, problems and issues. Not suitable to star a war, argument, moving, marriage, renovations related activities. When used in Autumn And Winter will be positive, else other seasons will be negative. Pay careful attention on this. Character wise will be stubborn, easy going, humble, like to dream, slow in reaction. Things which are questionable. Represents student. It is also knows as 巨门星.

Impulse Star, 天冲星 (Tian Cheong Xing)

Wood element – Consider a Buddha star, willing to help. a positive star, however not as good as 天心、天任 and 天辅. However, specifically not suitable for marriage, constructions, moving, business. In the art of way, Tian Cheong Star is also a good supporting star. Good for war situations. Character wise, will be straight forward, direct, make decision fast, will not drag too long. Rough, careless, can be immature. Ambitious and reckless. Represents someone active, agile, athlete, impulsive, sentimental and emotional. Someone who does things in a flash, could be impatient. Represents sudden shake-up. It is also known as 禄存星.

Advisor Star, 天辅星 (Tian Fu Xing)

Wood Element – Education, Noble star, Scholar star, Main intelligent star, the best star you can have. Represents teacher, examiner, interviewer. Good for marriage, business, investment, education. Teacher, leader, examiner, lawyer, public speaker, interpreter, salesperson, broadcaster, Host, TV host. Good for taking examinations, entering into the career of teaching and education. Gossip. verbal arguments. Someone pretty or good looking, wisdom. Civilized, cultured, educated, good manners and etiquette. Expressive. Represents assisting, helping, guiding, assistant, planning, secretary, tour guide, birthday wishes. Also known as 文曲星.

Doctor Star, 天心星 (Tian Xing Xing)

Metal element – Active and non-active. Leadership quality. General, commander quality. A positive star. Good in calculating, also can be calculative. When you see this star, will be good in seeing doctor, travelling by foot, business, burial. Represents doctor (when looking at health) or health related people or jobs. Smart and talented. Could appear scheming and manipulative. May do things with hidden agenda. Can help the poor and eliminate the “bad”. Also known as 武曲星.

Destroyer Star- 天柱星 (Tian Zhu Xing)

Metal Element – The destroyer, an unlucky star. Not ideal to do business, marriage or strategized things. Most things will consider unlucky. Able to argue well. decisive, disruptive in nature. Meaning can be uncontrollable, uncooperative, someone who is likely to attracts dispute. In usage of law, debating, will be ideal. Represents disaster, adverse calamity. Damaged and ruined. Dispute and lawsuit. Gossip. Scandal. Distracted by something. Active. Job can be related to police, military, lawyer, actor, foreign ambassador, high-ranking diplomat. Another name can be called 破军星.

Diplomat Star 天任星 (Tian Ren Star)

Earth element – lucky star. Good for burial and marriage, business, seeking for higher post, moving, investment. When you see this Tian Ren star, most of the things will be very much positive. Somebody kind Hearted, generous, honest. Able to follow orders, lack of creativity. limited to changes. Loyal. Able to resist to pressures. Who is willing to sacrifice to achieve things. Sincere and righteous, Stable and firm, Trust, Represents auspicious and positive energy. If based on business, investment, it means the progress will be slow. Shoulders, leg, back issues if looking at health. Use symbols or status of “cow” or “bull” to enhance the Tian Ren Energy. Also known as 左辅星.

Fearless Star 天英星 (Tian Ying Star)

Fire Element – Neutral star, slight negative star. Asking for promotion, wealth related will not yield good results. Blood related health issues, blood lost. Accidents. Someone easily agitated and temperamental. Bright and promising. Hot tempered. Bright and promising. Passionate. Civilized. When you see this star and you want to execute or decide, when possible, avoid doing it. Most of the time will not yield good results. Also known as 右弼星.

Minister Star 天禽星 (Tian Qin Star)

Earth Element – Auspicious star of benevolence. Kind, honor, loyal, faithful. “Head of a hundred army”, someone with leadership qualities. Someone highly capable and wise. One that manage key roles and handle important matters. Usually, in Qimen readings, we tend not to pay attention to this, however, if the signs are not too clear, we can see this star for more indications. Also known as 廉贞星.

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