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9 Ways to build a Successful Recruitment Business in Singapore

Building a successful recruitment business in Singapore is going to be tough, I repeat that, it is TOUGH!

Gone were the days where as a business owner, you are able to make over $30,000 – $50,000 per month from your personal billing.

In Singapore now, there are basically about 3,800 registered recruitment agencies in Singapore. Yes, I also includes the maid agencies, simply because many of the maid agencies also do local placement for companies too!

Well, here are some basic steps for you to have a good start in building a successful recruitment business in Singapore.

1. Creating an memorable identity

Be it your logo, theme, tagline or the “clothes” you are wearing to be projected out to the public, which is the client, candidates and potential recruitment consultants that may join you later, you need to create a consistent brand and image, get a professional graphic designer and a good website designer to help you on this. Do not be a “cheapo” on this, if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys, and also I do not recommend to DIY and create your own, unless you are a designer by profession.

2. Making your presence felt in the digital world 

More recruiting will be done online whether you like it or not, be it Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media platform which you think is essential. Invest heavily on SEO also, in long run, you will yield better returns and leads from clients and candidates will POUR to your websites. Facebook marketing, Linkedin marketing and even Instagram will be a good platform to start if you are just a starter….

3. Keeping a good database 

Along the way, you will acquired may clients and candidates, keep and consolidate the database as accurate as possible, 80% of your sales will usually comes from there, use a free CRM system available in the market (Search under free recruitment software in Google), managed them properly, get a part-timer or freelance person to help you when needed.

4. Focus on your CORE

What industry are you good in, what specialised product or industry knowledge you do have for that particular industry, I would strongly urged you to focus major of the activities on these areas so that you will save plenty of time than learning an industry you do not know at all.

5. 80% sales 

As a business owner, remember that when you started off, you will be very much ALONE, it is fine, I have gone through that before and it is a process that you need to go through. Focus at least 80% of your time on generate new clients, servicing existing clients and sales, sales and more sales. Your recruitment consultants can help you but remember that eventually, you will still be the person that going to bring in THE figures to your company.

6. Watch your Cashflow 

If your cashflow is not good, cut all expenses when needed, avoid any unnecessary expenditures and put your money only on processes and activities that are able to help you to increase sales.

7. Maintaining a good reputation

It takes a while before you are POPULAR in the market and make very good money, make sure you address to all complains and potential tricky issues. Always remember that at this junction, it is the digital world, one wrong move and your company or your reputation will be gone in a heartbeat!

8. Building your communications skills 

Whether the company is going to be successful will very much depends on how you communicate with others and YOURSELFS. It is a MUST you must be able to communicate well with other people and able to listen to what other peoples need are, on top of that you much always communicate with yourself that this is going to work and you have to tell yourself that you will continued to work hard and smart for your very own recruitment business.

9. Building a great relationship 

Your clients, your candidates and your recruitment consultants will be your greatest assets, make sure you have a fantastic relationship with them or you will be financial ruin if you never take good care of it. Anyway, your business is in human, so be great on human relationship!

Well, here you go, some basic steps for you to kickstart and build a successful recruitment business in Singapore. Of course, this simple tricks not just applies in Singapore, it generally applies in almost every country like Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong,etc.

Remember that the above tips are just covering the surface of the recruitment business and it is even less than 1% of what you need to know, however, it is a good start and as we go along, maybe you would like to share some successful stories to us.

If you need any assistance in business a new recruitment business or need to make your existing recruitment agency leap to a greater level, drop me a mail @ or contact me at (+65)9388 0851

Good luck and God blessed you.

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