3 Little Known Dangers to Your Air Conditioning System

There are a lot of things that can affect the functioning of your air conditioning system. Some of these things are well known, such as not changing the filter each month and cigarette smoke. Others are lesser known, which makes them more of a risk. If you are serious about preserving your system for the longest life possible, you have to watch out for these lesser known dangers.

Plant Foliage

You want to landscape around your home to create a beautiful living environment inside and out, but you should avoid planting plants with a lot of foliage within a couple feet of your air conditioning unit. The unit contains coils which are susceptible to collecting dirt and debris. Some of the debris collected overtime comes from foliage planted too close to the unit.

It is okay to incorporate plants around your unit, but make sure to add trimming that foliage back into your landscape maintenance plans. As long as the foliage is not allowed to grow out of control, it should present little to no danger to your system.

The same thing goes for overgrown grass around your outdoor air conditioning unit. The grass can get into the coils and create problems with your system. Avoid the costly aircon repair by keeping the grass mowed and plant trimmed back at least a couple feet from your air conditioning system.

Winter Weather

You protect ornamental plants from the bitter winter cold, but have you ever thought of protecting your air conditioning unit in the same manner? If not, you may want to give more thought to it this upcoming winter season. It turns out the cold weather, rain, snow and ice can have a damaging effect on an air conditioning system.

The best way to protect your system if you live in a very cold winter climate is to purchase an air conditioning cover. These covers are designed for central air conditioning systems which are not in use throughout the winter months. They keep the ice and snow from making direct contact with the air conditioning unit outdoors and block the rain from entering the unit. The cover will also trap in a bit more heat so the air conditioning unit doesn’t get as cold as it would otherwise get.

Irregular Inspections

Too many homeowners fail to have their air conditioning systems inspected until there are signs of trouble. This is a mistake, since regular inspections can prevent a lot of problems. Even if you have to pay for these inspections, it will be a lot less expensive than fixing problems when the system breaks down completely.

Maintenance is always more convenient than a break down in the system! These inspections are faster than break downs and you can time them for a day and hour that is convenient to your lifestyle. You don’t have that luxury when your system is left to breakdown whenever necessary. You have no control over a system that is not properly maintained.

Don’t fall for the misconception that you don’t need to inspect your system until there are signs of trouble. Keep the foliage trimmed away from your outside unit, mow your grass routinely, and cover the outside unit during the winter. All you have to do to maintain your system further is hire a local service to inspect your system at least once a year.